Vodafone Fiji launches Road Safety Campaign


Tuesday 30 July, 2019

Vodafone Fiji today launched it’s Road Safety campaign by distributing 50 reflective jackets to villages in Galoa.
Vodafone Manager sponsorship Adriu Vakarau handed over the jackets in Galoa Village and said that “we are working with police to identify high-risk areas around the country.

We will continue distributing these reflective jackets along the main highway where there is a high risk of accidents both during the day and at night. These jackets will be worn by people to ensure they are easily seen by motorists while walking along the road thus preventing accidents.”

Our team has come up with the initiative to distribute reflective jackets to villages across the country as high-risk areas for accidents. The initiative is part of our giving back to the Vanua as well as part of their 25th birthday month.

The jackets were well received by the villagers at Galoa Village as the village has had accidents in the recent past.  The handover was organized in the Galoa village community hall with the villagers thanking Vodafone for the initiative.

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