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2023 Vodafone Fiji Nationals Championship


Vodafone Fiji has geared up National Champion Candidate Master (CM) Taione Sikivou and 16-year-old Women's National Champion Tanvi Prasad of Jai Narayan College as they finalize their travel plans to Melbourne, Australia this week to participate in the 2023 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship.



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Victory For Vodafone Fiji National Blitz Champions Rudr And Cydel Terubea


17-year-old Provisional FIDE Master (FM) Rudr Prasad secured the 2023 Vodafone Fiji National Blitz Chess Championship title with an unbeaten score of 11/12, ahead of top-seed Candidate Master (CM) Manoj Kumar who came 2nd with 10/12 and CM Goru Arvind who was 3rd with 9.5/12.


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Australia Day


Vodafone Fiji sends its well wishes to all Australians in Fiji and around the globe as they commemorate and celebrate Australia Day.

As an evolved digital technology company that connects people, businesses and devices, we believe that collaborative partnerships form an instrumental ingredient to deliver on our promise of enriching people’s lives. We work closely with many vendors, partners and affiliates out of Australia to continuously modernize our network and provide cutting-edge technology and enterprise solutions to individuals and businesses


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Vodafone Fiji welcomes financial literacy initiatives


Vodafone Fiji welcomes the collaborative approach taken by Consumer Council to initiate a multisectoral Financial Literacy Panel Discussion, said Vodafone Fiji’s Head of eCommerce and Digital Financial Services, Shailendra Prasad.




USP Opens Up M-PAiSA Payment Option for Students


The University of the South Pacific (USP) Laucala Campus has enabled the M-PAiSA mobile payment option for its students across all campuses Fiji-wide.





Vodafone Fiji Secondary Ruby League Launched


The Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools League’s season was officiated today by the Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources and former FNRL Chairman, Honourable Filimoni Vosarogo.





Vodafone Nadi Shop Opening


Hon.Deputy Prime Minister- Manoa Kamikamica officiates the opening of the prenium Vodafone Nadi Outlet

The Vodafone Premium branch located at the FNPF Plaza will provide a new and modern outlet to Vodafone Fiji customers in Nadi and the Western Division.




Vodafone & ShopNSave Promo Winners


Five Win Big with Vodafone & Shop N Save

An elated Ema Dimila shared her happiness at winning a brand new Next Gen 2023 Ford Ranger through the joint Text and Win promotion between Shop and Save and Vodafone.



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Vodafone Fiji signed a three-year sponsorship with Fiji Fashion Week.


Vodafone Fiji signed a three-year sponsorship with Fiji Fashion Week.

Announcing the sponsorship deal at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Vodafone’s Acting CEO Rajnesh Prasad said that “we are elated to partner with the brilliant organizers of Fiji Fashion Week spotlighting incredible local talents and designers. We join forces with a shared vision of having our Fijian artists, models, and designers step further onto the regional and global stage”.




Vodafone Fiji partners with Tourism Fiji as Technology Sponsor


Vodafone Fiji Partners with Tourism Fiji as Technology Sponsor for the 2023 Fijian Tourism Expo

Vodafone Fiji today announced an exciting partnership with Tourism Fiji as Technology Partner for the upcoming Fijian Tourism Expo.



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Vodafone Fiji Boosts Wearing Fiji Project

Vodafone Fiji today announced their support for this year’s Wearing Fiji initiative at the renowned SL Boutique in Suva.

Speaking at the event, Vodafone’s Manager Sponsorship Mr. Adriu Vakarau said “Vodafone Fiji has recently joined hands with Fiji Fashion Week – the ultimate platform for Fijian fashion. Today, we forge another partnership with the fashion industry by sponsoring the Wearing Fiji project."



Fiji Institute Chartered Accountants 2023 Congress


Five Win Big with Vodafone & Shop N Save

This joint press statement serves to reaffirm the partnership between FICA with Vodafone Fiji. Mr Singh emphasises that it is only through such commitments can FICA continue to host the Congress and provide delegates with the opportunity to share, discuss, learn and participate on all matters relating to all sectors of the Fijian economy.




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Vodafone Fiji Forges Partnership with Basketball Fiji


Vodafone Fiji Partnership with Basketball Fiji

Vodafone Fiji announced its sponsorship of Basketball Fiji at a media conference at Vodafone Head Office in Tamavua today.





2023 Vodafone Vanua Championship


Vodafone Fiji launched 2023 Vanua Championship 


The 2023 Vodafone Vanua Champion was launched at the Vodafone Headquarters today.
The launch was conducted following a refresher course for all 16 participating unions who are set to take on the big stage this weekend.



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Vodafone Fiji marks 29 years in succession


Vodafone Fiji marks 29 years in succession

Vodafone Fiji is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in Fiji. Fostering a culture of innovation within the organization, Vodafone Fiji has continuously introduced new services and technologies; from pioneering the first mobile network to offering one-stop-shop ICT solutions, launching eCommerce initiatives to the latest mobile banking solutions. 







Vodafone Joins Forces with SPARTAN Fiji


Vodafone Fiji announced sponsorship as Technology Partner for the 2023 Spartan Fiji Trifecta Race 


Vodafone's Chief Marketing Officer, Rajnesh Prasad said," Vodafone is always ready to forge lasting and impactful partnerships." Today we announce yet another exciting partnership, something we will witness for the first time with the world's number one obstacle race being held in Fiji". 







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Vodafone Board Announces New CEOs for PNG and Fiji


Vodafone Board Announce New CEOs for PNG and Fiji


Vodafone PNG Board has recently announced the appointment of Mr Pradeep Lal as the newly appointed CEO of CEO of Vodafone PNG with immediate effect. With this appointment, the chairperson of Vodafone Fiji, Mr Joe Taoi said, " the ATH Group and Vodafone Fiji with its other equity partners have recently made a substantial








 CMO Post 

Rajnesh Prasad Appointed as Regional Chief Marketing Officer


Vodafone appointed Rajnesh Prasad as Regional Chief Marketing Officer 

Rajnesh Prasad has been appointed as Regional Chief Marketing Officer (RCMO) of Vodafone Fiji with immediate effect. With his wealth of experience and expertise in Vodafone Fiji's largest operational portfolio, Mr Prasad is set to play a pivotal role in driving the company's strategic initiatives and fostering its growth in the Pacific region.







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Vodafone Fiji Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer and Chief Commercial Officer


Vodafone Fiji Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer and Chief Commercial Officer

Vodafone Fiji CEO, Elenoa Biukoto today announced the appointment of Fareen Saheb as Chief Financial Officer and Salman Khan as Chief Commercial Officer.





M-PAiSA Account Security Upgrade


M-PAISA Account Security Upgrade

Vodafone Fiji advises its M-PAiSA users that it has implemented a new M-PAISA account security measure to protect users from unauthorised access to their accounts. This is a necessary security upgrade after recent reports of increased incidences of M-PAiSA customers being targeted by scammers.



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Vodafone Fiji Warns Customers Against Scams, Fraudulent  Schemes and Promotion


Vodafone Fiji wishes to inform its customers that there has been a rise in scams targeting innocent individuals with promises of quick and substantial financial gains.

These fraudulent schemes often disguise themselves as legitimate investment and job opportunities or business ventures, luring individuals with enticing promotions and promises of high returns. Consumers need to remain vigilant about such schemes and exercise caution to safeguard their hard-earned money and financial well-being.




Vodafone Fiji announce partnership with 39th Fiji Regatta Week


Vodafone Fiji announce partnership with Fiji Regatta Week at Musket Cove this year

Launching the event, Musket cove's company Director William Moffat said that  Fiji Regatta Week at musket cove is primed for another big year in 2023. 




Vodafone Fiji Announces $50,000 Cash Winner


Vodafone Fiji today announced the major winner of its 29th Birthday promotion. With a mere $10 recharge, Anand Narayan of Ba won an astounding $50,000 in cash 



Vodafone Fiji Sponsors the 2023 Nadi International Airport Tournament


Vodafone Fiji has announced its support for the nadi International Airport Volleyball Tournament




Vodafone reaffirms its partnership with Suva Motor Show 2023


Vodafone Fiji Supported the car show last year and both events were huge successes.










Pilot black and grey water treatment systems for communities and school to reduce environmental degradation risk


Building Community Resilience to Climate Change through Civil Society Action” [CRCC] project is a 3-year project funded by the European Union which aims to improve governance and promote inclusive development in Fiji.







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Provisional FIDE Master (FM) Rudr Ravi Prasad and Yash Krishen Maharaj of The University of the South Pacific lead the list of favorites for the 2023 Vodafone Fiji October Rapid Chess Championship


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15-Times National Champion Candidate Master (CM) Manoj Kumar regained his enigmatic form to convincingly win the 2023 Vodafone Fiji October Rapid Chess Championship at Khatri Hall, Suva





Sanipate Takes Home a Brand-New Nissan Navara Worth $92,000 with Vodafone


Vodafone Fiji today handed over a brand-new Nissan Navara valued at $92,000 to Mr Collin Sanipate. 






Vodafone VitiKart MoA Signing  

Reserve Bank of Fiji Extends MSME Subsidy Scheme for Vodafone Fiji’s VitiKart Platform



SUVA, FIJI - The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Vodafone Fiji for the extension of the Subsidy Scheme for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) for its VitiKart platform. This two-year extension, solidified today, reaffirms the institutions' continued commitment to supporting and empowering Fiji's MSMEs as they navigate the evolving e-commerce landscape.




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22 /11/2023

The 2023 Vodafone Fiji November Rapid Chess Championship is all set to take-off at The University of Fiji Saweni Campus in Lautoka on Saturday 25 November. The tournament is the second of a series of chess tournaments proudly sponsored by Vodafone Fiji to encourage more Primary and Secondary School students to take up one of the most widespread sports in the world that involves 190 countries.


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