Vodafone Fiji Forges Partnership with Basketball Fiji


Tuesday,27th June, 2023

Vodafone Fiji Forges Partnership with Basketball Fiji

Vodafone Fiji announced its sponsorship of Basketball Fiji at a media conference at Vodafone Head Office in Tamavua today.

Vodafone’s Manager Sponsorship, Adriu Vakarau expressed the sentiments saying “Today, we add another adrenalin-pumping sport to our sponsorship portfolio as we join forces with Basketball Fiji. Our sponsorship commitment to Basketball Fiji is a partnership that reflects our shared passion for excellence, community, and the power of sport to inspire and unite."

“Sports have fostered and united athletes and communities for generations in our country. Our brand is synonymous with sports in the country as we firmly believe in the transformative power of sports, which extends far beyond the boundaries of a court. Sports foster discipline, teamwork, and determination – values that resonate with us as an organization deeply committed to supporting local talent and nurturing growth within our community."

With all our sponsored endeavours, our aim is always to enable and empower local communities. Sports sponsorships enable us to support grassroots initiatives, create opportunities for aspiring athletes, and promote youth development programs. Our commitment to promoting sports at the grassroots and professional levels is strengthened by these partnerships", said Vakarau.

Basketball Fiji has been instrumental in nurturing talent and providing a platform for our nation's basketball players to showcase their skills. Their unwavering dedication to the development of the sport has resulted in numerous achievements and has created opportunities for players to represent Fiji on both regional and international stages.

Basketball Fiji President Ioane Naivalurua said that “This sponsorship is critical toward the development of the sport and helps to increase the visibility of the sport and expand the sport beyond its current scope. We will now have the support of a telecommunications giant to advocate for the work that we do and to grow interest in the sport through various awareness strategies”.

 This sponsorship will help the Federation capture impact stories through our sports development programs. With the strategic direction Basketball Fiji is embarking on, in terms of expanding the sport through increased participation in leagues and tournaments, partnering with Vodafone Fiji, helps make event planning, communications and hosting our basketball tournaments much more effective and coherent, said Naivalurua.

By joining hands with Basketball Fiji, we aim to further elevate the sport, empower athletes, and foster an environment to support basketball growth at all levels. Our shared vision is to create an ecosystem that nurtures talent from a young age and helps aspiring basketball players reach their full potential. Our 3-year commitment will support Basketball Fiji's goals to increase its footprint in schools and the community, said Vakarau.

Naivalurua added that "the partnership will help establish national competitions at both the primary and secondary school levels, promote the newly introduced basketball discipline called 3x3 in Fiji and introduce youth leagues in the community. With Vodafone’s investment, we will benefit from the development of over 20,000 participants in the sport and more than 3000 participants who will benefit through organised age group competitions”.

Vodafone Fiji and Basketball Fiji today embarked on an exciting journey together envisioning a future for the athletes to bring national and international accolades, and for the sport to become a beacon of hope and inspiration for the youth.

Mr Vakarau ended his remarks by recognising Basketball Fiji's efforts over the years. “Together, we will ignite the spirit of the game, unite communities, and inspire generations to come. We look forward to the journey ahead being filled with success, teamwork, and triumphs on and off the basketball court”.

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