Vodafone Fiji begins 5G Live User Trials in Fiji  

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Wednesday 21st February, 2024

As the leading telecommunications company in Fiji, Vodafone plays a key role in empowering users and the community in the age of connectivity. We continue to improve customer experience while leveraging technology advancements to develop ambitious new capabilities.

The Fiji Government has granted Vodafone Fiji a 5G non-commercial license to operate and undertake rigorous end user tests in the 5G pilot network before a full commercial license is issued later in the year

Vodafone Fiji’s 5G live user trials will be conducted in select parts of Suva CBD and will be further expanded to the greater Suva area in the coming months. Vodafone Fiji is working round the clock to further expand its 5G network and coverage areas for commercial launch

Vodafone Fiji Chief Executive officer Ms. Elenoa Biukoto says that Vodafone has invested over $100M to upgrade and enhance its network to be ready for 5G. This investment ensures that the Vodafone network is commercially ready for 5G services. This significant investment ensures Vodafone remains the leader for inclusive growth and innovation for the general Fijian population and at the same time aid in growing the Fijian economy.

Ms Biukoto adds that benefits of 5G are immense. It is significantly faster than 4G, with peak speeds exceeding 1Gbps. This means faster streaming, gaming, and real-time connectivity. 5G also has lower latency, virtually eliminating lag time, and can support more devices simultaneously, even in crowded areas. These advantages will enable a variety of applications and services, including IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and smart use cases like smart homes, offices, and cities.

For our customers, 5G will revolutionize the way we experience connectivity. Faster internet speeds, lower latency, and support for a massive number of connected devices will enhance entertainment, communication, productivity, and lifestyle applications. Whether it's streaming high-definition content, enjoying seamless online gaming, or interacting with smart home devices, 5G will provide a superior user experience.

Businesses will also benefit significantly from 5G with improved connectivity, faster data transfer speeds, and lower latency which will enable innovative solutions, optimized processes, and improved productivity. From high-quality video conferencing to quick file transfers, 5G will transform the way businesses operate.

5G is not just about faster internet speeds. It is about unlocking new possibilities, transforming industries, and improving lives. Vodafone is committed to bringing the full potential of 5G to Fiji, and we look forward to the exciting future ahead

Together we can!

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