Vodafone Fiji marks 29 years in succession


Friday,07th July, 2023

Vodafone Fiji marks 29 years in succssion

Vodafone Fiji is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in Fiji. Fostering a culture of innovation within the organization, Vodafone Fiji has continuously introduced new services and technologies; from pioneering the first mobile network to offering one-stop-shop ICT solutions, launching eCommerce initiatives to the latest mobile banking solutions. Vodafone Fiji has positioned itself as a catalyst for economic growth and progresses as a digital connectivity provider of scale in the country.

Vodafone has successfully navigated the ever-evolving digital landscape, adapting to emerging technologies and trends. Through strategic investments and partnerships, we have laid a solid foundation for growth, ensuring our networks remain robust, reliable, and future-ready. Our leading pace has been consistently attributed to our culture, with a deep understanding of improving the lives of our customers and the promise of making a difference in the lives of all Fijians.

Vodafone Fiji's journey is defined by its relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to bringing cutting-edge technologies to Fiji. To ensure Fijians can experience the power of seamless connectivity, we keep abreast of the latest infrastructure and mobile technologies”, said Vodafone's Regional CEO Pradeep Lal.

“Since our inception in 1994, Vodafone Fiji has played a pivotal role in transforming the communication landscape in the country from remarkable achievements on the local and international front to mammoth feats in keeping Fiji on the top of the mobile communications and digital space.

Vodafone Fiji is committed to expanding its network infrastructure, introducing next-generation technologies, and empowering Fijians through digital inclusion initiatives. With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, Vodafone Fiji is poised to make an even more meaningful impact in the years to come”, added Lal.

Our strong financial performance, commitment to operational excellence, and strategic growth initiatives set us apart. With a customer-centric approach, a focus on digital transformation, and a robust network infrastructure, Vodafone Fiji is well-positioned to drive sustainable growth, deliver value to our investors and best of connectivity solutions to all Fijians”, said Lal.

As the leading telco in the Pacific, Vodafone Fiji has delivered strong results, driven by strategic investments and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Vodafone Fiji's investment portfolio reflects our commitment to driving connectivity, technological innovation, digital inclusion, and social impact. Through strategic investments in network expansion, 5G technology, collaboration with Mastercard, digital inclusion initiatives, ICT advancements, and CSR efforts, Vodafone Fiji continues to transform the telco landscape.

Over the years, we have been a significant contributor to the country’s economic growth through investments and returns. Vodafone has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its reach to become Fiji’s leading telecommunications provider with now a solid regional footprint with a strong focus on innovation and customer-centricity. Vodafone Fiji remains optimistic about its prospects and has outlined a growth strategy to capitalize on emerging opportunities from digital disruptors.

“We are looking at a significant investment in our advanced network infrastructure, starting with the commercial rollout of 5G technology this year. Over $1 billion has been injected into network infrastructure over two decades. Vodafone Fiji has built a robust network infrastructure to deliver the latest, faster, and more reliable Internet and Wi-Fi services. Connecting over 800,000 Fijians, we forge ahead with our continued efforts in line with our transformational strategy, as the leading provider of new-generation connectivity and digital services provider of scale in Fiji, said Lal.

“Innovation will always be a key strategic imperative for Vodafone and one of the key attributes associated with the brand. Vodafone Fiji has evolved from a mobile communications provider to a multi-functional digital services enterprise. We are adding game-changing business verticals to our portfolio. Vodafone’s eCommerce platforms; M-PAiSA and VitiKart are paving the way for businesses and consumers alike to benefit. With the Mastercard integration, Vodafone has forged a pathway for Fiji’s envisioned roadmap towards a cashless society.

By merging mobile payments with Mastercard's widespread acceptance, Vodafone has revolutionized the digital payment landscape and enabled financial inclusion on an unprecedented scale. This business portfolio is a game-changer for the Fijian economy that has a significant multiplier effect with the platform delivering the highest-ever inward remittance of $40 million last month. M-PAiSA is expected to process over $4 billion in financial transactions in 2023.

The digital revolution continues to reshape industries and societies, and at Vodafone, we are committed to spearheading this transformation. We remain dedicated to empowering individuals, bridging the digital divide, and driving positive change through connectivity. Fijians have latched onto emerging digital technologies by integrating them into their daily routines. We see this growth reflected in our data subscribers with now over 500,000 subscribers on the network and the ever-growing demand for data reaching a peak usage of 13PB on our network last month.

Vodafone Fiji continues to expand its ICT portfolio. Lal explained, “We strive to remain a one-stop shop for enterprise solutions, i.e. Collaboration, Managed Services, Software-Defined Networks, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Computing, Infrastructure, Platform, Software as a Service, Unified Communications, and Cybersecurity. Our connectivity value chain partnering with renowned multi-brands, demonstrates our ability to deliver class enterprise solutions for our clients.  

Added to our business excellence portfolio are national, regional and international accolades year after year that are a testament to our commitment to innovative solutions and steady progression. We are strongly valued for our achievements in delivering the best in mobile communications, enabling and empowering solutions that are matched to international standards. Vodafone is the first and only telecommunications company in Fiji to achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management, demonstrating our commitment to helping our clients embrace cloud and digital transformation initiatives. Through partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle Cloud Platform and Data Warehouse, Vodafone continues consolidating and modernizing its technology infrastructure that supports its data warehouse and backup systems into a cloud platform capable of supporting and scaling next-generation digital services. 

As a people's company, we are driven by the passion for Vanua and its people. By sponsoring developmental sports, engaging in sustainable community initiatives, and supporting women and youth-oriented projects, we demonstrate our commitment to enabling and empowering all Fijians.

With the unwavering support of my champions and extensive collaboration with our stakeholders, partners, and valued customers, our remarkable journey has been made possible. As we forge ahead these attributes position us as a catalyst for progress, economic growth, and sustainable development in all our ventures.

Celebrating 29 years of success, we are ready to embrace boundless possibilities ahead. We continue our journey with a strong commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We build on our achievements, continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies, nurture our talented workforce, and forge strong partnerships to deliver unparalleled connectivity and exceptional services to our customers. Together, we work to shape an interconnected, inclusive, and transformative future.

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