Tuesday, 4 June 2024



Vodafone Fiji extends heartfelt congratulations to the Fijiana for winning the 2024 Oceania Rugby Women’s Championship and qualifying for the upcoming Women’s Rugby World Cup which will be held in England in 2025. This notable achievement is a testament to their hard work, dedication and relentless team spirit.

The 2024 Oceania Rugby Women’s Championship win is not only a significant milestone but also a clear demonstration of the team's exceptional talent and resilience. The Fijiana’s journey to the top has been marked by incredible performances and tactical brilliance.

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"Vodafone Fiji is immensely proud of the Fijiana," said Ms Elenoa Biukoto, the CEO of Vodafone Fiji. "The Fijiana’s Oceania Championship victory and qualification for the Women’s Rugby World Cup next year are the results of relentless effort and extraordinary teamwork. We are honored to support such an exceptional group of athletes who display excellence both on and off the field."

As a rugby loving nation, the Fijiana's success serves as a motivating force to all of us, expressing the power of collaboration, determination and passion. As the Vodafone Fijiana prepare for the upcoming Women’s World Cup next year, we are confident that they will continue to represent Fiji with pride and distinction.

"We believe in the Vodafone Fijiana’s ability to achieve even greater heights and congratulate the women once again for their victory as a source of immense pride for us all." added Ms Biukoto.

Vodafone Fiji remains dedicated to supporting excellence in sports and fostering a spirit of community and achievement.

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