No Need for Rush to Withdraw $90 COVID CASH


Vodafone Fiji is advising the recipients of the $90 COVID cash assistance from government that they do not need to risk themselves waiting in long lines to withdraw cash. The money is safe in the wallet for as long as they want it and can be withdrawn later at any time. Concern is being raised as thousands of people have been queuing up at M-PAiSA agents between Suva-Lami and Nadi – Lautoka corridor to cash out the $90 COVID assistance. Vodafone’s Head of E-Commerce Mr Shailendra Prasad is urging beneficiaries to avoid the rush and putting themselves at risk of COVID 19 by joining long lines to withdraw the money they received into their M-PAiSA wallet if they can manage for a few more days. “Your money in the M-PAiSA mobile wallet is safe without any deduction or fees for a long as you want to keep it. So, there is no need to rush to withdraw immediately and put yourself and your family at risk of COVID transmission.

Vodafone is further urging its subscribers to download the M-PAiSA App and use the cashless QR pay option to do their shopping. Handling cash is a potential source for further transmission of COVID virus. The less contact people have with cash and other persons who are not of the same household, the safer you can be from COVID.

Vodafone is urging its customers to take seriously the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health unless they are in dire need to cash out. Vodafone Fiji is also putting at risk the health of its many loyal servants who are doing their best to serve everyone in a very challenging environment.

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji has applauded the financial service being provided by Vodafone in a precarious health environment. “We are so thankful that we have a mobile phone-based service like M-PAiSA that has really helped to distribute cash assistance to the public so efficiently and safely. We urge the recipients to do their part by trying the cashless payment options such as M-PAiSA QR instead of withdrawing cash to prevent the further spread of COVID 19 and keep the country safe.

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