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The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation recognises the power of mobile technology to address some of Fiji’s most pressing challenges relating to education, health, equality, and access. We arecommitted to enable people and technology to drive innovation, disseminate knowledge, and create shared value to improve lives. By leveraging our mobile technology in the four areas of mWomen, mYouth, mEducation, and mHealth, we work in partnership with key charities, government and development agencies, and the community to drive social change. As part of our social investment programme, the Foundation also focusses on disaster relief and implements the World of Difference. These programs are directed and chosen by the Foundation Trustees and receive funding from the Vodafone Fiji and the Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited.

The Foundation is now the leading corporate charity organization in Fiji. Over 12years, the Foundation has established a solid reputation as the philanthropic arm of Vodafone Fiji and the Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited, aprovider of social interventions that has significantly benefitted the Fijian community. 


Why do we exist?

The Foundation provides access togrants, technology, and curated information to individuals and communities. Through individual advice sessions, community education and public advocacy, the Foundation assists Fijians who would otherwise be left to deal with the social and economic challenges on their own. Our key programs include: Sustainable Funding, Vodafone World of Difference, Mobile for Good, Beyond Funder, Double Your Dollar, and Hands Up Vodafone.



The Foundation publishes a quarterly newsletter, Jeevan, 10,000 copies are distributed to communities and stakeholders and an electronic edition is available on our website. It highlights the impact of our work and our partners through stories and insights to the issues and positive outcomes achieved by ordinary Fijians as they better their quality of life. We are also very active on Facebook, informing of the activities and challenges we are working on to make a difference.


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Contact Us

Foundation Executive: Ambalika Devi 
Address:Vodafone Headquarters, 168 Princes Road, Tamavua, Suva, Fiji
Email: ath.foundation@vodafone.com.fj
Phone: 3214270




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