Embrace change to improve ourselves and the world around us

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by Lionel Yee Chairman, Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation

Change is occurring, and it’s occurring at an exponential pace. The needs and expectations, opportunities, technology, and socioeconomic problems that exist today, some of it did not even exist 10 years ago.     
It’s  impossible for  us to  look ten years  into the  future and  things that  have yet  to be created and new  technologies that  haven’t  even been  imagined.    But a few years from now, problems will need to be solved - problems that we can’t even foresee.    The tools that we have at our disposal to solve these problems will be different than the tools we have today.    
A lot can change in a short period of time.    Ten years  ago,  many of  the things  we use  every day  either were  not available  or weren’t  commonly used.   Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and iPhones were either in their infancy or hadn’t been created. Concepts like the use of social media hadn’t taken shape yet.
But today things have changed. Opportunities are different and better.  The changes we experience are presenting us opportunities.  The change is requiring us to continually  learn,  evolve,  and adapt  to keep  pace with all  of the  change that’s  occurring around  us.
Whether we like it or not, change is occurring, and it is inevitable.   But rather than viewing change with trepidation, our challenge is to embrace change as an opportunity.  An opportunity to evolve, an opportunity to improve ourselves, and an opportunity to improve the world around us.
We should be the source of change and improvement for the future. 
For a growing country like Fiji, the only way we catapult progress is by embracing change in a speedy and productive manner.

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