20 Years of Impact: Celebrating the Evolution and Innovation of the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation

20 Years of Impact: Celebrating the Evolution and Innovation of the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation


May 10th, 2024

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation's journey over the past two decades (20 years) has been marked by a remarkable evolution and expansion of its philanthropic efforts. 

What initially began with 2 programs, Sustainable Funding and Vodafone Red Alert, supporting handful of charities per year, has now blossomed into a comprehensive network of 10 programs that fund 100 charities annually. This significant growth reflects the Foundation's unwavering commitment to broadening its impact and reaching a wider spectrum of communities in need across Fiji for the past 20 years which saw $50m worth of social services in partnership with 10 program charity partners and its network.

Since 2004, Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has worked with (common and unique) over 2000 charitable organisations, 800 villages, 400 schools to a tune of direct grants of $12m

In 2010, the Foundation introduced 2 groundbreaking programs, first for Fiji, that have since become cornerstones of its charitable initiatives: Vodafone World of Difference and Mobile for Good.


The Vodafone World of Difference program aims to empower individuals to make a positive impact by providing them with the opportunity to work with a charity of their choice for a year, fully funded by the Foundation. This innovative program not only supports the selected charity but also enables individuals to contribute their skills and expertise towards meaningful social causes, fostering a culture of volunteerism and civic engagement. Vodafone World of Difference saw total direct grant of $2m towards 140 candidates and 6000 volunteers.


On the other hand, the Mobile for Good program leverages the power of mobile technology to drive positive change and address societal challenges. Through this initiative, the Foundation collaborates with local organizations to develop mobile-based solutions that enhance access to essential services, promote education and healthcare, and empower communities to lead more connected and informed lives. By harnessing the reach and accessibility of mobile technology, the Mobile for Good program has been instrumental in bridging gaps in service delivery and empowering underserved populations throughout Fiji. Vodafone Mobile for Good includes 25 mChannels and over 120k reach to communities. This free services worth over $5m per annum was also provided to the communities of Fiji. On the other hand technology rollout and library reach to over 300 schools



Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation stands as a beacon of philanthropic leadership through its groundbreaking initiative, "Beyond Funder." With 10 corporate philanthropy seminars and 4 multidisciplinary conferences, the Foundation has orchestrated a platform that engages over 1500 stakeholders, ranging from the corporate sector to provincial councils, professional associations, line ministries, and donors. This concerted effort underscores the Foundation's dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within Fiji's social and economic landscape. By spearheading such inclusive forums, Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has not only facilitated crucial discussions but has also catalyzed actionable solutions for pressing societal challenges. Their visionary approach to philanthropy sets a precedent for impactful engagement, inspiring others to follow suit in driving meaningful change for the betterment of Fijian communities.


Vodafone staff exemplify unwavering commitment, dedication, and passion through initiatives like "Double Your Dollar." This staff engagement program not only fosters a culture of giving but also empowers individuals to support causes they deeply care about. With 250 charities and organizations receiving support, it's evident that Vodafone and ATH employees are actively living the company's values of enriching lives. Their collective effort demonstrates a profound commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve. Through their actions, they inspire others to join in the journey of making a difference, showcasing the true spirit of corporate responsibility and social engagement.


These innovative programs exemplify the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation's forward-thinking approach to philanthropy and its steadfast dedication to leveraging technology and partnerships for social good. As the Foundation continues to expand its reach and impact, these programs serve as shining examples of how creativity, collaboration, and compassion can drive meaningful change and create a brighter future for all Fijians.


Over the past two decades, the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has undergone a remarkable evolution, expanding its philanthropic efforts from just two programs supporting a handful of charities to a comprehensive network of ten programs funding 100 charities annually, totalling $50 million in social services. Since 2004, the Foundation has worked with over 2000 charitable organizations, 800 villages, and 400 schools, providing direct grants of $12 million. In 2010, they introduced groundbreaking initiatives like Vodafone World of Difference and Mobile for Good, which have since become cornerstones of their charitable work. These programs empower individuals and leverage mobile technology to drive positive change, reaching over 120,000 communities with free services worth over $5 million. 

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Furthermore, initiatives like "Beyond Funder" demonstrate the Foundation's commitment to collaboration and knowledge-sharing, engaging over 1500 stakeholders annually. Through their innovative programs and dedicated staff engagement, the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation continues to set a precedent for impactful philanthropy, inspiring others to join in their journey of creating a brighter future for Fijian communities.


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