Transforming Lives: A Decade of Impactful Collaboration between Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and LifeLine Fiji


Jeremaia Merekula, as a Vodafone World of Difference candidate


May 17th, 2024

For the past decade, the partnership between Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and LifeLine Fiji has exemplified a steadfast commitment to mental health awareness and suicide prevention in Fiji. What began as a simple relationship in 2010 has blossomed into a transformative collaboration, transcending mere financial contributions to embody a shared vision for community well-being.



Technology Rollout and Heartfelt Partnerships

At the heart of this partnership lies a dedication to leveraging technology for societal benefit. Through initiatives like the Vodafone World of Difference program, professionals have volunteered their expertise to implement innovative solutions. Toll-free helplines 1543, established under this program, have become vital lifelines for individuals in crisis, offering immediate support and guidance. Furthermore, the collaborative efforts have extended beyond technological interventions, fostering genuine connections and heartfelt partnerships that resonate with the core values of both organizations.



Ambalika Devi and Jeremaia Merekula



Supporting Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention

The joint efforts of Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and LifeLine Fiji have made significant strides in raising awareness about mental health issues and combating suicide rates. Annual observances such as Mental Health Month and World Suicide Prevention Day have provided platforms for education, destigmatization, and support. These campaigns, coupled with sustained community outreach initiatives, have empowered individuals to seek help and fostered a culture of openness surrounding mental health challenges.


Remembering World Suicide Prevent Day Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation



Impact and Milestones

Since the inception of their collaboration, the partnership has facilitated over $250K worth of service delivery, reflecting a tangible impact on Fijian communities. Beyond financial metrics, the true measure of success lies in the countless lives touched and transformed by the services and support provided. From crisis intervention to counseling training, the collaborative efforts have touched varying depths of need, leaving an indelible mark on the social fabric of Fiji.


Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation with Lifeline Fiji



Jeremaia Merekula, as a Vodafone World of Difference candidate, has demonstrated a remarkable ability to develop himself personally and professionally, encompassing varying breadth and depth. On a personal level, Jeremaia's growth journey extends far beyond the confines of his professional responsibilities. He has harnessed the knowledge and skills acquired through his association with Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation to enrich not only his own life but also the lives of his family members, including his children. The satisfaction he derives from his work resonates deeply within his personal sphere, fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose that transcends professional success.



Lifeline Fiji



Professionally, Jeremaia has forged extensive networks across a diverse array of sectors, ranging from line ministries to provincial councils, professional associations, and corporate entities such as the Fiji Commerce and Employers Association. His collaborations within the tourism sector, schools, villages, and other relevant stakeholders underscore his ability to navigate and engage with various facets of Fijian society. Through effective coaching, counseling, mentoring, and supportive communication, Jeremaia has not only expanded his professional reach but has also honed his skills in crisis support and mental health awareness.


Supported by resources and guidance from the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation, Jeremaia's professional growth has been characterized by an upward trajectory, moving from strength to strength and pillar to pillar. His contributions extend beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing life-saving interventions, awareness campaigns on mental health, drugs and substance abuse, suicide prevention, and crisis support. Moreover, his commitment to facilitating workshops and training programs nationwide reflects a proactive approach to addressing societal challenges and fostering resilience within communities.


Lifeline Fiji



Jeremaia's supportive foundation from the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has empowered him to assume leadership roles in various organizations and schools, showcasing his versatility and dedication to community upliftment. From serving as a prominent figure in the Tailevu Provincial Youth Council to contributing his expertise to initiatives like Ruve Foundation and Omega Social Services, Jeremaia's leadership prowess has left an indelible mark on numerous community-driven endeavors. His involvement with Engagement Fiji/Pacific underscores his commitment to fostering meaningful connections and promoting dialogue within diverse communities. Additionally, Jeremaia's engagement with educational institutions like Samabula Gospel Primary School highlights his dedication to shaping the next generation of leaders through mentorship and support. Moreover, his advocacy for women's touch rugby demonstrates his inclusive approach to sports and community development, further solidifying his reputation as a catalyst for positive change in Fiji.



Lifeline Fiji



Jeremaia's work holds broader implications for public health, as it actively steers individuals away from non-communicable diseases linked to mental health challenges. By promoting healthy communication practices and advocating for a holistic approach to well-being, Jeremaia's efforts contribute to the cultivation of a healthier planet and, by extension, healthier people. Through his tireless dedication and unwavering commitment, Jeremaia embodies the transformative potential of collaborative partnerships in effecting positive change and nurturing thriving communities.


In conclusion, the partnership between Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and LifeLine Fiji stands as a testament to the profound impact that can be achieved through collaborative efforts in addressing mental health challenges and suicide prevention. Over the past decade, their unwavering commitment to leveraging technology, fostering heartfelt partnerships, and raising awareness has transformed countless lives in Fiji. Through initiatives like the Vodafone World of Difference program, individuals like Jeremaia Merekula have not only developed personally and professionally but have also emerged as influential leaders driving positive change within their communities. As we celebrate #20YearsofImpact, let us continue to stand united in the fight against mental health stigma and suicide, recognizing that together, we have the power to make a difference and create a brighter, more resilient future for all.


Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and Lifeline Fiji


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