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by Pradeep Lal, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Fiji

Vodafone Fiji’s ongoing quest to provide technology-powered business and community solutions is a demonstration of our commitment to connect everybody to live a better today and build a bigger tomorrow.
Guided by continuous improvement strategies, our quest for a Connected Vanua is reflected through our focus on innovation and meaningful partnerships within communities. 
As Vodafone leaps into the Internet of Things (IoT) arena, the company, together with Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation pursues to drive the next wave of industrial and societal productivity. Vodafone’s initiative in providing connectivity through its rural pre-pay electricity meter applications to improve access to uninterrupted energy supply has certainly brought smiles to the rural communities around Fiji through such an innovation.
Our MPAISA application has gone beyond basic money transfer to mobile finance and mobile business solutions to help improve the productivity of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, allowing budding entrepreneurs from around the country easier access to finance for small-scale business initiatives.
IoT is a stepping stone for businesses in terms of opening the gateway to better healthcare services amongst others in the country. Globally, the market for IOT in healthcare is growing steadily, with applications ranging from remote monitoring to medication adherence. Venturing into the IoT healthcare market and providing a range of mobile applications for improved healthcare in areas of diagnosis, consultation, monitoring, medication prescription, and other health-related recommendations, prospects of raising the standard of remote healthcare with the use of IoT looks promising. 
Our IoT solutions are helping the government, businesses and civil society to address numerous challenges, ultimately leading to significant economic gains and opportunities for all Fijians.
We are convinced that over the long-term, the success of our business is closely tied to the success of the communities in which we operate. Consequently, a core part of our strategy and business model is to ensure that Vodafone’s digital networks and services act as a catalyst for both, economic growth and social empowerment. 
The Foundation is dedicated to mobilizing communities to improve their lives. To achieve this objective, the Foundation uses its charitable giving and its privileged access to Vodafone networks, technology, customers and employees to empower people with the necessary tools to make a difference in Fiji.
Once again, I thank the people of Fiji for believing in us and being with us. Our motivation to do more is driven by the positive results we have achieved so far.
Through the application of Vodafone’s leading innovative technology, the Foundation mobilizes both local and virtual communities bringing people together to resolve mutual problems and make positive differences in people’s lives.

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