Vodafone Fiji Welcomes Financial Literacy Initiatives

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Monday 6th February, 2023

Vodafone Fiji Welcomes Financial Literacy Initiatives

Vodafone Fiji welcomes the collaborative approach taken by Consumer Council to initiate a multisectoral Financial Literacy Panel Discussion, said Vodafone Fiji’s Head of eCommerce and Digital Financial Services, Shailendra Prasad.

The importance of understanding and discussing the various aspects of financial literacy cannot be overstated. FINTECH is transforming the banking and financial services sector in unprecedented ways.  With greater access through technology and innovative services like mobile wallets and apps, financial services have become more accessible and inclusive.

However, with increased accessibility, connectivity and convenience also come some risks, particularly for those who are still not very familiar with the safe use of technology.  “Innovation is the key to a connected and better future, and we believe that all customers should have the opportunity to access the best possible service most securely.

Throughout our network, we have maintained efficient and seamless delivery of services. Continuous investment is essential to ensuring citizens' unrestricted access to and participation in a digital economy. GSMA Mobile Economy 2020 ranked Fiji as one of the leading nations in the Pacific Islands, and we are extremely proud to continue contributing to the high penetration of mobile and internet technologies.

To remain competitive in the fast-evolving telecommunications industry, we will remain attuned to the dynamic nature of technology and invest in, maintain, and upgrade our networks.

With the increased use of digital payments and innovative digital financial services, it is imperative that digital financial literacy keeps pace with digital financial services to ensure our citizens make the best decisions for their hard-earned money. The workshop is a timely initiative.



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