Vodafone Fiji Warns Customers on Hoax Calls and Social Media Posts for M-PAiSA




Tuesday 2nd July, 2022


Vodafone Fiji wishes to inform its customers that some M-PAiSA customers have lately been receiving calls from unknown persons claiming to be Vodafone staff asking for their M-PAiSA account details. Some people have also been contacted through social media such as Facebook for customers to message them their account details in order to claim prizes or collect their financial rewards.

Vodafone wishes to inform and at the same time warn all its M-PAiSA users, that no one from Vodafone including its customer care team will ever ask you for your M-PAiSA account PIN or OTP (one-time password) either over the phone or through text message and email. The PIN must always remain a secret to the account holder.

Therefore, under no circumstances, should M-PAISA users disclose their account PIN or OTP over the phone or in-person to anyone whatsoever. If you disclose your PIN to anyone, you risk losing your account balance at your own peril.

"It has come to our attention that some customers have been victims of fraudulent acts after giving out their M-PAiSA account details to unknown callers”.

We would like to advise the customers that these hoax calls are NOT facilitated by Vodafone Fiji. We urge our customers to exercise caution and not to partake in responding to any calls and messages from unknown sources and parties.

It is always in the customers' best interest if they are not sure to call Vodafone on its customer care helpline to seek clarification before they give any information about their account details to anyone.


For further information contact:
Media RelationsHead of E-Commerce
fozia.muktar@vodafone.com.fj shailendra.prasad@vodafone.com.fj

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