Vodafone Fiji pens five year deal with Fijiana 15s


Friday,12th May, 2023

Vodafone Fiji pens five year deal with Fijiana 15s


The Fijiana 15’s has received a massive boost ahead of the test match against Wallaroos and the Oceania Championship with Fiji Rugby Union’s {FRU} long-term partners, Vodafone Fiji Pte Ltd coming on board to sponsor the Fijiana for the next five years.

The agreement sees Vodafone Fiji sealing the naming rights for Fijiana 15’s. The national team will now be referred to as “Vodafone Fijiana 15’s”.

FRU Acting Administrator Sale Sorovaki said they are extremely grateful to Vodafone Fiji: “Vodafone Fiji has been one of our most loyal and important partners for many years and today we have further strengthened our relationship with them. This significant support will put our team in an even better position to seal their first-ever win against Wallaroos next Saturday and assist them in preparation for 2025 Rugby World Cup.”


Vodafone has had a long-standing partnership with FRU and over the years we have seen Golden Wins for the properties we have sponsored.

Vodafone together with consortium partners collaborated to form the biggest rugby sponsorship in history at the tail end of 2013. Five years after committing to the consortium and achieving back-to-back golden wins, Vodafone moved its sponsorship focus towards grassroots sports.

This development witnessed Vodafone committing to the Primary Schools Competition commonly known as Kaji Rugby & Secondary Schools Rugby widely recognized as the 80-year-old Deans Trophy Competition. The Vanua Championship a competition mainly for the 16 districts completes the commitment to Fiji Rugby as a key pathway to national and international representation.

TODAY, we come on board with the biggest commitment to Women’s Rugby in country. We are announcing a major sponsorship for the Fijiana National Team for the next five years with a total sum of $3.1M, said Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer Rajnesh Prasad.

15s team demonstrates our commitment to sports diversity and inclusiveness as well as our belief in the tremendous potential of our female athletes. By investing in the Fijiana 15s team, Vodafone Fiji has taken a significant step towards empowering women in sports.

“Vodafone Fiji's sponsorship goes beyond the immediate benefits for the Fijiana 15s team. It sends a powerful message to our society and the world that women's sports are equally important and deserving of recognition, investment, and celebration. This partnership paves the way for more opportunities for women in rugby, encouraging young girls to take up the sport and pursue their dreams fearlessly”, said Prasad.

Extending his well wishes to the team, Prasad said “as you don the jersey emblazoned with the Vodafone Fiji logo, remember that you carry the hopes and dreams of an entire nation. Your success will inspire generations of young girls to follow in your footsteps and continue the proud legacy of Fijian Rugby. With this partnership, we wish to usher in a new era of opportunities, recognition, and success for women in Fijian Rugby”.


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