Vodafone Fiji First to Launch eSIM in the Region



Wednesday 3rd March, 2021

As a first in the region, Vodafone Fiji has launched eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) support for its prepay and post-paid customers. An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows users to use their phone number without a physical SIM. They will be able to receive and make call as normal with an eSIM.

“The eSIM is a technical leap forward from the days when you had to find out what size SIM card your system would accept. For years, the network connection has been a physical SIM card allowing you to connect and use the mobile network. eSIM removes the need to physically insert a SIM card in your phone to connect to a network.  said Vodafone Regional Chief Technical Officer, Andrew Kumar.
“We are still only in the early stages of understanding eSIM's full potential. The physical SIM card will most likely be phased out completely in the future. What's more exciting is that this extra room will allow mobile device manufacturers to further revolutionize product design. This is just the beginning; we're excited to implement the eSIM capability and are looking forward to seeing how it develops over time.”
Vodafone mobile customers can use their number through an eSIM on a supported handset. The supported handsets include Huawei P40 Series, Samsung S21 Series, Samsung Note 20 Series, Samsung Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, iPhone 11 Series, iPhone 12 Series, iPhone SE (2nd Gen) iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPad Mini (2019), iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9” (2018).

Key benefits for Vodafone Fiji customers are a seamless connectivity where they do not need  to wait for physical SIM cards to arrive. eSIM-capable devices allow for quicker and simpler connection to Vodafone Fiji network. Customers can have one device with two numbers to enjoy the flexibility on the same phone by using a physical SIM at the same time as an eSIM. This means you can have a personal and work number on one device. Easy onboarding means the eSIM profile can be easily downloaded by scanning a QR code. It is also great for travellers to enable them to seamlessly download Vodafone Fiji eSIM profiles before arriving in Fiji. The SIM is also environmentally friendly since having less reliance on plastic SIM cards reduces plastic wastes from manufacturing and packaging.

Dave Williams, TCD Business Director GEO Pacific stated that,“G+D is incredibly excited for the next stage of our partnership with Vodafone Fiji. Launching eSIM capability in the region will take the Pacific into a new era of communication. A clean ocean environment is essential to this region, and zero plastic eSIMs are the most ecologically conscious form of secure connection.”

The G+D eSIM Air On Platform has provided customers in the Pacific Region with their first taste of eSIM technology. The fully digital onboarding experience provides a new way for Vodafone Fiji to make the transition to eSIM smooth and efficient. eSIMS are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional SIMs, and eliminate the need for plastic wastage. This is especially pertinent in Fiji, where there is a tax on plastic in order to discourage its use. The G+D Air On is a complete solution for Vodafone Fiji and is scalable, so no matter how many people join at the same time, performance isn’t affected. 
Andrew Kumar of Vodafone Fiji said, “It has been a very good strategic partnership exploring new products from the very early days. Technologically G+D products are superior. Flexibility with eSIM is far greater than traditional methods. Over the next 18 months we really see it taking off.”

eSIM profiles are available at Vodafone Fiji outlets Fiji wide. 

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