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Vodafone Fiji sends well wishes to all Australians

Vodafone Fiji sends its well wishes to all Australians in Fiji and around the globe as they commemorate and celebrate Australia Day.

As an evolved digital technology company that connects people, businesses and devices, we believe that collaborative partnerships form an instrumental ingredient to deliver on our promise of enriching people’s lives. We work closely with many vendors, partners and affiliates out of Australia to continuously modernize our network and provide cutting-edge technology and enterprise solutions to individuals and businesses. It is important to acknowledge the support of Australia, as a strong partner for Fiji, a country and its people, who remain committed and continue to play a vital role in supporting Fiji on various fronts, including enhancing and improving overall connectivity and resiliency in Fiji and across the Pacific.

Connectivity to the outside world via submarine cables has completely changed the digital landscape of Fiji and with Southern Cross NEXT now live and carrying traffic, the nation is well-positioned to continue improving resiliency, providing affordable connectivity and bridging the digital divide. This has set the foundation for investment by telecommunications companies such as Vodafone Fiji, who continue to implement various innovative strategies to connect more Fijians digitally and provide value-added services using the digital platform to drive greater connectivity, eCommerce and convenience for all Fijians. Fiji has one of the highest levels of mobile and smartphone penetration in the region and some of the lowest data rates. With the right policies in place, mobile phone and internet connectivity has played an important role in the development of Fiji, its people, and of course, positioning Fiji as an attractive destination for both leisure and business. Access to affordable and reliable connectivity has been hailed as the biggest equalizer when it comes to bridging the digital divide and we are proud to be part of that equation.

Australia’s contribution to support Fiji with a supply of Covid-19 vaccinations has played a crucial part in protecting our citizens, our economy and our road to recovery. Fiji was well ahead of the game and continues to be a safe and family destination of choice for many tourists. We thank Australia for its unwavering support and commitment to Fiji’s speedy recovery.

Vodafone Fiji is the first and only telecommunications company in Fiji to achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management, demonstrating our commitment to helping our clients embrace cloud and digital transformation initiatives. Through partnerships with technology leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Oracle and the likes, we lead the way in developing innovative business solutions. In fact, some of our homegrown solutions in the FINTECH and eCommerce space; M-PAiSA and Vitikart are significant game changers in the country when it comes to using technology to enrich people’s lives. Vodafone Fiji continues to invest in its network to ensure reliable connectivity, something which is now considered an essential service.

We are proud of our various relationships starting with the Australian Government all the way through to a predominance of Australian technology partners and solution providers. Vodafone Fiji extends its best Australia Day wishes to all Australians, its Australian partners, suppliers, vendors and expresses its appreciation for the continued support and commitment.


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