M-PAiSA QR Continues the Cashless Revolution


Mr. Aman Pratap displays M-PAiSA QR payment option
now available at B-Pratap & Sons.

Thursday 25th March, 2021

Vodafone’s M-PAISA QR pay is fast becoming the preferred payment method for many businesses.  Small and medium enterprises have now jumped bandwagon for cashless payment option through the mobile phone. 

B-Pratap and & Sons, a popular general merchant store based at Moti Street Suva is the latest to offer the M-PAiSA QR cashless payment option to its clients.  Shop owner and Managing Director, Mr. Bijen Pratap said, “We have to move with time if we want to continue to be successful in business.” The customers of today are getting very sophisticated and technologically advanced. They want to be trendy and fashionable with everything including how they pay for goods and services.  Many customers have been asking me, “Boss, can I pay with M-PAiSA?” So, I had to make this payment option available for the convenience of my customers.” said Mr. Pratap.

Head of Vodafone eCommerce & Corporate Affairs, Mr. Shailendra Prasad said, “More than 700 businesses outlets around the country are now accepting M-PAiSA QR payment over the counter and more than 154 businesses are also offering remote payment option from anywhere through M-PAiSA mobile wallet.   M-PAiSA is driving the cashless revolution in the country because it offers greater convenience and a safer payment option for the users as well as businesses.”

Approximately, $50m in M-PAiSA transactions is processed each month.  M-PAiSA is now a significant player in Fiji’s financial system. 

“Cash is barrier to trading when consumers run out of cash and there is no cash out point nearby. It is a real issue for customers and businesses in rural and remote islands lacking banking and financial services.  With M-PAiSA QR payment options, there is no need to carry cash.  You can make payment at your convenience at any time. It is also safer for the business as they handle less cash but can do more business”, said Mr. Prasad

Over $13m is received in international money transfer from abroad each month directly into M-PAiSA. Many of these are recipients in rural and maritime areas where there is lack of cash out points. If businesses enable M-PAiSA cashless payments in their businesses, customers can conveniently pay without the need to cash out.  It’s a win-win for the business and the customer.

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