Vodafone Fiji Sponsors the Oceania Netball World Cup Qualifiers


Monday 4th July, 2022

Vodafone Fiji in partnership with Oceania Netball Federation announced the sponsorship for the Oceania Netball World Cup Qualifiers in a media conference this morning.

Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rajnesh Prasad announced, said “Today, we are proud to extend our sponsorship towards the upcoming Oceania Netball World Cup Qualifiers. We are delighted to be on board as major sponsors. We come on board with a shared vision of encouraging and empowering more women in sports in the country”.

“Vodafone Fiji has made significant investments in sports over the years. We’ve had long-standing partnerships with various sporting bodies across the country in fostering sports in different domains. With our committed partnerships we have seen our Fijian Flag fly high in international arenas and teams achieve some heart-warming glory. Vodafone Fiji continues to be driven by the Passion for our Vanua”, added Prasad.

Oceania Netball Federation President, Wainikiti Bogidrau was present for the announcement and said, “we are extremely grateful to Vodafone for stepping in during these times. It is difficult to secure a committed sponsorship and Vodafone sponsoring is a wonderful gesture. We thank Vodafone for their timely sponsorship”.

“Sponsoring women's sports is more than just a financial investment. It fosters equality and is a pathway toward meaningful change in the sporting arena. There’s more that will be happening at the arena as well. We have capacity building trainings for the coaches, Umpires workshops and to top it off World Netball CEO Clare Briegal will be in the country discussing netball prospects”, said Bogidrau.

Prasad said, "Netball is a popular sport and is the first female sport in the country, and it is enjoyed by all age groups with great enthusiasm. With such major events in Fiji, we are certainly well positioned to facilitate these at the Inter-Pacific and international levels. Vodafone’s timely sponsorship will ensure that we provide the funding and the appropriate marketing and promotion support needed for the qualifier”. Vodafone is also the telecommunications partner for the event.

“Vodafone Fiji is committed to supporting the incredible netball community and women’s sport. Vodafone will work together with the body to support the growth of netball further beginning with the facilitation of the Oceania Netball World Cup Qualifiers”, said Prasad. He also wished the Fiji Team all the very best for the upcoming matches.

“This event will be the first major event in the country since 2015 and there are ten international matches to look forward to”, said Bogidrau while wishing all the partaking teams the best.

Five giants of the Pacific will battle it out at the Vodafone Arena from 19th to 23rd July. There are two games per day for supporters to come and cheer on their favourites with two teams qualifying for the World Cup 2023 in Cape Town.

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