2023 Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby League Launched


Monday, 27th February, 2023

 Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby League Launched

The Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools League’s season was officiated today by the Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources and former FNRL Chairman, Honourable Filimoni Vosarogo.


Whilst officiating the event, Minister Vasorogo said he was pleased with the continuous work done by FNRL in improving the sport. He added that "the sport has taken a giant leap since its inception in 2007 from four schools taking part in the competition to now 83 schools”.


Vodafone’s acting CEO, Rajnesh Prasad said that as the sponsors of the sport “we are proud of how far the sport has come and that Vodafone is excited about the 2023 calendar of events and are pleased to be at the forefront of engaging our youth in sporting events that complement the school sports curriculum and provide them with the opportunity to develop as professional players during their formative years”.


FNRL’s Chairman Aporosa Lutunauga thanked the Minister for launching the Vodafone Trophy for the 2023 Rugby League Season. He also added that the growth in school participation is encouraging.


“The Vodafone Secondary Schools tournaments have enabled renowned rugby league stars like Viliame Kikau, Suliasi Vunivalu and Tui Kamikamica to acquaint themselves with a sport that would later earn them lucrative athletic careers and world fame”.


Mr Prasad added that “with a long history of commitment to the sport, we have continually echoed our partnership with the sport. This has been crucial to fostering this thrilling contest at grassroots levels. This is the true essence of Vodafone’s Values, our passion for the Vanua and our People. Vodafone Fiji’s partnership with sport is more than a declaration of mere sporting affiliation. It has been a firm commitment to Fijian sport, an acknowledgment of pride in the achievements of the players and coaches”.


Mr Lutunauga in his remarks acknowledged Vodafone’s long-standing partnership and also highlighted FNRL’s strong intention to support female participation in the sport.


The 2023 Vodafone Secondary Schools kick starts with 83 schools’ boys and 10 girls’ teams from across the country.


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