Vodafone Fiji Holds Blood Donation Drive



Tuesday 09 April, 2019

As part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility activities, Vodafone Fiji conducted a blood donation drive at its headquarters in Tamavua.

The drive is a reflection of one of Vodafone Fiji’s pillars; Passion for the Vanua. The drive gathered blood donating heroes from Vodafone head office, retail outlets and field staff as well

The drive after a request from Sai Prema Foundation and outstanding medical staff worked to assess each individual’s eligibility for blood donation. 

Vodafone is the only corporate to have an in-house dedicated philanthropic arm that assists individuals, clubs, communities, and organizations with relevant aid and assistance monetary and non-monetary aspect.

There is always a need for blood supplies at the blood unit particularly from rare blood groups, and urgently needs donations to meet demand. 

“Empowering employees to do good for the community is one of our core beliefs at Vodafone, and I hope that this drive has raised awareness on the importance of blood donation,” said Vodafone’s HR Manager Moureen Chand

Vodafone Fiji is also mobile partner with Fiji Blood Bank and activates SMS broadcasts on request to subscribers and donors in times of emergencies and updates on blood drives around the country.

“Blood donors do an amazing thing when they give blood in saving a life. I’d like to thank each person who donated their blood at the Vodafone Blood Donation Drive today and that all around heroes around the country that help save lives by donating blood”, said Ms. Chand. 


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