Friday 16th February, 2024

With members of the Fiji National Rugby League, dedicated players, and passionate supporters, Vodafone Fiji proudly launched the highly anticipated Vodafone Trophy 2024 Season.

As a longstanding partner for the past 14 years, Vodafone Fiji reaffirms its commitment to fostering the values of hard work, perseverance, commitment, and honesty among the young athletes of Fiji

The Vodafone Trophy stands as the pinnacle of secondary school's rugby league in Fiji, embodying the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and excellence. The tournament not only serves as a battleground for emerging talents but also as a crucible for instilling life skills that extend far beyond the playing field

Vodafone Fiji extends its sincere appreciation to the Fiji National Rugby League for their unwavering dedication to comprehensive development programs and pathways for aspiring rugby league players. The tireless efforts of teachers, coaches, and administrators in ensuring the success of this competition are acknowledged with heartfelt gratitude.

"The collective contributions of stakeholders, from the organizing committee to sponsors and supporters, have transformed the Vodafone Trophy into a beacon of excellence in secondary school's rugby league. Together, they have created an environment that nurtures talent, fosters growth, and promotes the rich values of the sport" were some of the sentiments shared by Mr. Nilesh Singh Head of Recharge and Distribution at Vodafone Fiji.

Looking forward, Vodafone Fiji is excited to announce an expansion of opportunities for talented players to secure overseas playing contracts. This visionary initiative aims to provide a pathway for young athletes to pursue their dreams of playing rugby league at the highest level. The Vodafone Trophy is recognized as a breeding ground for future rugby league stars, and the commitment is steadfast in providing the necessary platform and support for these athletes to reach their full potential.

Vodafone Fiji wishes all participating teams the best of luck for the 2024 Secondary School Rugby Season!


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adriu.vakarau@vodafone.com.fj shailendra.prasad@vodafone.com.fj

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