Voicemail Information


Vodafone Fiji now offers you a Voicemail system whereby callers can leave a message if you are unable to answer the call.

Voicemail is a standard feature for all Vodafone Fiji mobile users.
Let voicemail take your messages when you are out of coverage, in a meeting or too busy to take a call.

Voicemail setup

Initially all customers will have to setup their security PIN for the Voicemail.

Simply call 121 from your Vodafone mobile, and follow the voice prompts.

"Please enter your current pin Code"
Your default pin is 1234, just enter your default pin.
"Please enter the new PIN Code"
Enter a pin of your choice
"Please re-enter the new PIN Code"
Re-enter the pin of you choice to confirm pin setup.
Once your Security PIN Code has been activated every time you dial 121, you'll have to enter your security PIN.

Retrieving new voicemail messages

You will be notified via a TXT message when you get a missed call or when someone leaves you a message.

To check your voicemail messages just dial 121 and follow the voice prompts.

"Please enter your current pin Code."
Enter your pin.
If you have no messages then you'll get the following prompt.
"You have no messages or missed calls."
If you do have messages then it will be played one at a time.
"You have [number of messages] new messages"
"This message from mailbox [mobile number] was left at [time] on [date]"
This is followed by the actual voice message. After each message is played the following options are provided.
"To replay the message press 2"
"To delete this message press 3"
"To save this message for an extended period of time press 6"
Once all messages has been checked you'll get a reply saying there are no more messages.

Command mode

Command mode takes you to a list of menu functions related to your mailbox setup.

To enter command mode press *, and follow the voice prompts.

"Please enter your current pin code."
Enter your pin.

"Command mode."
"To obtain help press 1."
Provides information about certain command modes.

"To retrieve your messages and Missed Calls press 2."

Enables you to listen/replay/delete/reply/save all voice messages and missed calls.
"To select mailbox details mode press 3."

Enables you to activate/deactivate PIN Code requests and optional details

"To record a message press 4"
"To distribute a message press 5"
"To change your PIN press 6"
"To change your personal greeting press 7"

Enables you to setup a personalised greeting for incoming callers instead of pre-recorded operator message.

"To change your message of notification press 8"
Enables option to activate or deactivate getting notifications of receiving voice messages.

Personalise voicemail greeting

To personalise your voicemail greeting just dial 121 then go to command mode, and follow the voice prompts.

"To enter greetings mode press 7."
"To record a personal greeting press 4."
"To end recording press 0 and to start recording press 0."
Once a new message is recorded you can choose to keep it or discard it.
"To replay the new greeting press 2."
"To cancel the new greeting press 3."
"To erase and re-record a new greeting press 7."
"To deposit the new greeting press 8."
To return to command menu press *

Retrieving all voice messages

To retrieve all your voice messages just dial 121 then go to command mode, and follow the voice prompts.

"To enter the voicemail retrieval mode press 2."

"To replay/play all messages press 2 again."
Messages will be played one at a time, the most recent ones first.

"To delete the message press 3."
Some of the special functions you can perform while listening to the voice messages are:
"To skip forward 5 seconds press 4."
"To skip backwards 5 seconds press 5."
"To save this message and step on to the next press 6."
"To play the previous message press 7."
"To know when the message was left press 8."
"To pause or continue press 0."
"To replay the message press 92."
"To phone the caller press press 95."
"To copy the message to another subscriber press 93."

You can send a voice mail to another subscriber at a time of your choice.
"To copy the message to distribution list press 94."
"To return to command mode press #."

To deactivate PIN Code request

You can deactivate the PIN Code request feature of your mailbox. Just dial 121 then go to command mode, and follow the voice prompts.

"Press 3 to enter mailbox details mode."
"To disable PIN code protection press 4."
No security PIN will be requested in the future.

New Voicemail Retrieval Procedure for Telstra Australia

Subscribers needs their Message bank set up by the service provider.
If it is set up then to retrieve voicemails they need to send an SMS to 101
101 will call back and once answered, roamer to follow instructions to retrieve voicemails.
Note: every roamer should have a personalised PIN in order to access their voicemails.

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