Standard Prepay Sims


          Standard Prepay Sims 
Transaction Description VF Anytime Rates 
Local On-Net Calls $ 0.21
Local Off-Net Calls to TFL$ 0.23
Local Off-Net Calls to Digicel$ 0.23
Call Forwarding to On-Net $ 0.21
Call Forwarding to Off-Net TFL$0.23
Call Forwarding to Off-Net Digicel$0.23
Reverse Call Service $0.21
Voicemail Service$0.13
Call Customer Care (Peak)$0.44
Call Customer Care (Off-Peak)$0.30
Local On-Net SMS$0.15
Local Off-Net SMS$0.19
International SMS
MMS$0.30 Per MMS
Mobile Internet$0.03 per MB


Bula Packs & Tourist Sims


Bula Packs & Tourist Sims
Transaction Description Anytime Rate
Local On-Net Calls (Normal & Video)$0.30 per unit
Local Off-Net Calls to TFL$0.32 per unit
Local Off-Net Calls to Digicel$0.32 per unit
Call Forwarding to On-Net Numbers
$0.30 per unit
Call Forwarding to Off-Net TFL$0.32 per unit
Call Forwarding to Off-Net Digicel$0.32 per unit
Calls to Vodafone Customer Care (123)Peak $0.44 per unit | Off-Peak $0.30 per unit
Reverse Call Service$0.21 per unit
Voicemail Service$0.13 per unit
Local On-Net SMS$0.19 per SMS
Local Off-Net SMS$0.19 per SMS
International SMS$0.19 per SMS
MMS$0.30 per MMS
Mobile Internet$0.03 per MB


Standard Prepay Tariffs - Terms & Conditions


  • All the rates outlined in the table above are VAT inclusive
  • One unit of call equates to 30 seconds or part thereof.
  • The maximum number of characters for an SMS is 160
  • For Calls to Customer Care 123 line, Peak hours are from 7am to 5pm between Monday to Friday and Off-Peak hours are from 5pm to 7am between Mondays to Friday and also includes the Weekends.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice during promotions at Vodafone's discretion.

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