Vodafone Treat FAQs

1. How is Vodafone Treats different from the current recharge promotions?

Vodafone treat gives you the benefit to enjoy free money, free SMS and free data on your recharge when there is no recharge promotion running between Sunday to Wednesday.

2. What happens when I recharge from MPAiSA between Sunday to Wednesday?

If you recharge from MPAiSA and if there is any recharge promotion running on MPAiSA, then MPAiSA recharge promotion will take precedence and Vodafone Treats will not apply.

3. Do I have to subscribe everytime when I want to enjoy the benefits of Vodafone Treats?

No, once you subscribe to Vodafone Treats you will automatically get the benefits of Vodafone Treats everytime you recharge between Sunday to Wednesday with $8 and above until the campaign is valid.

4. Will I get the Vodafone Treats only once in a day or on all recharges that I do in a day?

You will get the benefits on all recharges provided the recharge amount is $8 or above.

5. Will I also get Vodafone Treats if I recharge between Thursday to Saturday?

No, Vodafone Treats benefits will only apply between Sunday to Wednesday..

6. Once I subscribe to Vodafone Treats what rates will apply?

New rates will apply once you are subscribed to this plan. Refer to the Vodafone Treats section on the website for the details on the new rates.

7. Will the new rates apply to only Vodafone Treats benefits?

No, new rates will apply to both normal money and all free money that you have in your account regardless of which recharge promotion you recharge on.

8. If I recharge through MPAiSA, can I get the benefits of Vodafone Treats?

No, currently we a running MPAiSA triple up recharge promotion between sunday to wednesday so if you recharge from MPAiSA you will get the benefits of MPAiSA triple u p and vodafone treats benefits will not apply.You have recharge from another mediums of recharge like cards, electronic vouchers, etc to enjoy vodafone treats.

9. What happens to my Vodastar rewards once I subscribe to Vodafone Treats?

You will continue to get the Vodastar rewards as usual.

10. Will I be able to subscribe to the current Voice, SMS, Mobile internet, etc promotions?

Yes, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of all our current promotions.

11. What is the expiry of the Vodafone Treats benefits?

The Vodafone Treats benefit expires at midnight daily (same day) for all recharge denominations..

12. To get the benefits of the Vodafone Treats what do I need to do?

Dial *700# and subscribe to the plan, once subscribe you can enjoy the Vodafone treats benefits on recharge of $8 and above between Sunday to Wednesday.

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