Prepay Roaming Rates

Vodafone Fiji’s Prepay Roaming service allows you to use your Vodafone Fiji mobile number and remain connected with your family and friends in Fiji when you travel to other countries around the world. With this service, it eliminates the need for you to buy other mobile operators sim card when you travel abroad and gives you a seamless experience in terms of your communication and internet connectivity needs.

Prepay Roaming service is open to all Vodafone Prepay customers by default. In order to use this service, customers need to simply select the roaming partner’s network from the network settings on their mobile device as soon as the customer reaches the visiting country abroad.

Customers need to ensure they have sufficient real money balance in their mobile account before they travel in order to use the roaming service and prepay roaming bundles. In cases where the customer does not have sufficient balance, online top-up option is available from anywhere in the world. Customers can simply dial *131# for balance check and *132# to recharge if they have the recharge pin.


Vodafone Fiji also offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Prepay Roaming bundle plans applicable to selected countries which include: New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada, India, UK, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu and Samoa.

Upon reaching the visiting country abroad and once attached to the roaming partners network, customers can simply dial *100# and subscribe to any prepay roaming bundle of their choice.


Daily Plans:

Bundle TypeDay Plans
Subscription Charge$15$25$50$100
Voice100 Mins100 Mins100 Mins100 Mins
SMS100 SMS100 SMS100 SMS100 SMS
Data100 MB200 MB500 MB1 GB

Weekly and Monthly Plans:

Bundle TypeWeekly PlanMonthly Plan
Subscription Charge$99/ Week (7 Days)$299/ Month (30 Days)
Voice350 Mins1,000 Mins
SMS350 SMS1,000 SMS
Data1 GB3 GB


Instructions on how to make calls while on roaming are as follows:

DescriptionDialling FormatExample
To make a call within AustraliaDial +61 plus destination numberTo call an Australian number, dial +61421475518
To make a call within New ZealandDial +64 plus destination numberTo call a New Zealand number, dial +6495525199
To make a call from AustraliaDial + (Country Code) plus destination numberTo call Fiji number (9998144) from Australia, dial +6799998144
To make a call from New ZealandDial + (Country Code) plus destination numberTo call Fiji number (9998144) from NZ, dial +6799998144


Roaming Rates - Conditions

  • In order to use the Prepay Roaming service customers need to have sufficient real money balance in their mobile account. Online top-up option is available from anywhere in the world.
  • Roaming bundle plans are available in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada, India, UK, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu and Samoa
  • To opt-in to the roaming bundles, dial *100# and select the daily, weekly or monthly plan of your choice. Roaming plan will be activated once you receive a confirmation text message.
  • Roaming bundle minutes can be used to make calls back to Fiji, calls within the roaming country and for receiving calls from anywhere. Minutes will be deducted on per minute basis e.g. If customer make a 45 seconds call, customers bundle minutes will decrease by 1 minute
  • Calls from roaming country to other International destinations will incur standard charges and is not part of prepay roaming bundle plan.
  • SMS can be used to send SMS anywhere.
  • Receiving SMS will be free.
  • Data can be used in the country of roaming.
  • Daily roaming plans will auto-renew every day at 12.00am Fiji time and to opt-out from auto-renew, dial *100# and unsubscribe.
  • Auto renewal does not apply on Weekly and Monthly plans.
  • Standard roaming charges will apply outside of the roaming bundle plan i.e. when the plan benefits are fully used, plan is not active or when the user travels from one country to another where the roaming bundle plans are not applicable.
  • Plan Benefits remain active if user travels from 1 country to another country listed in the bundle plan.
  • Offer valid until further notice and promotion end date will be communicated to customers via SMS broadcast.
  • Vodafone number range are as follows: 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 80, 83, 86, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 97 and 99.
For more information call +679 9902123 (charged line) if you are in the roaming country or 124 (Free for Prepay) and 123 (Charged) while you are in Fiji.

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