Recharge Validity

Vodafone Fiji Recharge is available in many different forms across different recharge channels. Customers can purchase Vodafone Recharge from over 2,500 outlets across Fiji which includes Supermarkets, Service Stations, Dairies and Convenience stores, Mom and Pop shops, Homeware and Hardware stores etcetera.

 Vodafone Fiji Recharge is also available via 24 x 7 self-service channels which includes M-PAiSA, Online Web top-up, My Vodafone App top-up, ATM plus SMS and Mobile Banking platforms.

Upon every recharge customers mobile account expiry date gets automatically extended and the account validity across different recharge denominations is outlined in the table below:


Recharge DenominationsAccount Extension from Date of Recharge
$ 1 to $4
30 Days
$5 to $20
90 Days
$21 to $35180 Days
$36 and above 360 Days

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