Hello Tones

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With Vodafone you have many options to spice up your phone...        

The tones can be provisioned via: 

    a. IVR: Call 191 and choose a song of your choice by following the instructions on the IVR menu 

    b. USSD: Dial *191# and select the song of your choice from the available options. 

    c. SMS: To provision a song via SMS, text “Tone <Code>” to 304. E.g. Tone R54569 to 304. 
                  To Gift tone via SMS, text "G  <Code> <B-Party number> to 304         

    d. Press * to Copy: If you want the same Hello Tune as your friend, you can simply press * to copy while the tone is playing. 

    e. Hellotunes App: Customers can download tones and manage their profile via the App as well. 

    f. Web Portal: Users can login via (LINK) and download tones and also manage their profile 

    g. Vodafone Customer Care: Customers can call Vodafone Customer Care on 123 (Charged) or 124 (Free) to get tones provisioned.