Why Should I Get Wi-Fi 6?

Vodafone Wi-Fi 6 provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home, ensuring that our customers can stay connected at all times.

Vodafone’s Wi-Fi 6 uses small Wi-Fi access points which work together with a home broadband router.


Wall-to-wall coverage with next gen Wi-Fi


Parental Controls


Device Prioritization


Easy to Setup, Easy to Use


Three Mesh Units

Life's too busy for bad Wi-Fi

Getting Wi-Fi into every part of your home can be tough. Walls, concrete, metal and other devices can affect the performance on your Wi-Fi. Like many Fijians, you may find that there are areas where poor coverage or slow speeds take the fun out of online gaming or binge streaming your favorite rugby matches online



New Wifi 6 commercials

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