Vodafone Cloud - the cheaper, safe and smarter alternative

Vodafone Hosted Cloud delivers computing, network and storage resources, which are located in our secure data centres and can be accessed via our Private Network. While benefiting from a lower cost of ownership, you can keep your data safe and your applications performing at their best.



Why Vodafone Cloud?

Is your IT Infrastructure holding you back? A Move to Vodafone's Cloud sets your free!

Businesses in Fiji can now easily scale up or down resources according to demand. Our servers can be fully managed, including the operating system, with everything controlled via our centralized online portal. Vodafone Cloud is a secure and purpose built Fiji based virtual computing environment connected to our IPVPN service. 

Let's Talk

Give us a call on (679) 8929000, or speak to your account manager, to find out what we can do to help your business reach its full potential.


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