Dial 01


Dial 01 - Terms & Conditions

  • Postpay users must have international access. To apply for international access, subscriber or authorised personnel from company must send in a written request for international access, which will be granted subject to successful credit vetting and/or upon payment of deposit.
  • Above call rate is a flat rate to 108 countries including: Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Iraq, Germany, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh and many more.  
  • Calls to certain territories/networks in a country may be restricted. To confirm, for PrePay dial *124*9*01 [country code, area code and overseas number]# eg. *124*9*01614123123123# . For PostPay dial *125*7*01 [country code, area code and overseas number]# eg. *125*7*01614123123123# and you will receive a confirmation message. For more information call Customer Care on 125 (PostPay) / 124 (PrePay) for free OR visit www.vodafone.com.fj/dial01
  • Call rate does not apply to Pacific Island Countries, Iridium or Satellite calls.
  • If you are calling an international mobile number, do not enter the area code.
  • Offer valid till further notice.
  • Other conditions apply 

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