Frequently Asked Questions - Mastercard

1. What is Mastercard?

Mastercard is a globally accepted payment card that is part of the global scheme card payment network that enables cardholders to make payment to any Mastercard authorised merchant anywhere in the world including online merchants. There are around 100 million merchants worldwide who accept Mastercard payment.

2. How do I know if I qualify to apply for M-PAiSA Mastercard?

If you have a M-PAiSA account with Vodafone through which you make regular transactions, you automatically qualify to apply for a Mastercard. Non-M-PAiSA customers can also apply by signing-up via M-PAISA App. 

3. I am a post paid user with Vodafone. Can I register for M-PAiSA and a Mastercard?

Yes, you can.  If the post-paid number is in your personal name, you can register anytime.  However, if you have a post-paid company issued phone, you will need to get a letter confirming the number has been issued to you by your employer.  You can then register for M-PAiSA and Mastercard with your personal ID.

4. How do I apply for M-PAiSA Mastercard?

The Mastercard application is 100% online registration which can be done through the M-PAiSA App.  There is no physical paper work required.  You can apply from anywhere 24hrs x 7days a week.

5. I am an existing Vodafone user; do I have to provide all information once again?

For existing Vodafone and Inkk Users, you have an express sign-up process.  Your existing personal information captured during your SIM registration is pre-populated in the Mastercard registration.  All you need to do is verify existing information and provide any additional information needed.

6. What information and documents do I need to submit with my Mastercard application?

To complete the Mastercard application, you must provide your personal information and copy of:
• TIN letter/TIN Card
• A photo ID
• A selfie of yourself with good quality camera which matches your face with the picture on your photo ID.

7. What happens after my application is submitted?

Within a maximum of 72 hours after submission of your application, you will receive an SMS notification if your card was approved. If approved, you will be able to access your virtual (soft copy image) of your personalised M-PAiSA Mastercard on the M-PAiSA app and start using immediately.

8. What happens if my application is not approved?

If your application is not approved for some reason, you will be notified accordingly and may be required to resubmit incomplete/missing information or information that could not be verified by our vetting team such as a blurred or unclear photo ID and TIN letter etc.

9. Do I get a physical card for my Wallet?

Yes, you will also receive a physical card for your wallet which you can pick-up from your nominated Vodafone outlet in 2 weeks’ time. A physical card can be used for “Tap and Pay” or “Insert and Pay” at merchant EFTPOS to make a withdrawal at local or overseas ATM

10. Will my Mastercard be a debit or credit card?

Your M-PAiSA Mastercard will be a prepaid card operating as a debit card by automatically accessing funds held in your M-PAiSA account. You will not be required to top-up the card separately. However, you must have the required balance in your M-PAISA account to use the Mastercard.

11. How much does it cost for me to get the Mastercard?

The card itself is available at no cost for the first 100,000 registrations. A ten dollars ($10.00) fee applies for cards otherwise. An annual Mastercard service access fee of $24 is applicable to continue using the card. This will be deducted from your M-PAISA account and confirmation SMS sent accordingly.

12. What is the applicable fee and charges and other terms and conditions of use?

As part of the Mastercard application process, you will be able to view the full M-PAiSA Mastercard terms and conditions of use. For the latest fees, visit: You must read through and agree to the terms and conditions to get your card approved.  If you do not agree, you may not proceed further.

13. What will I be able to do with my Mastercard?

With your Mastercard, you will be able to:
• Shop and pay on online e-Commerce platforms such as Ali Express, Amazon, Shein, VitiKart etc. 
• Subscribe and pay to entertainment platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify etc
• Travel overseas and pay at merchants outside Fiji with over 100 million merchant touchpoints globally.
• Pay locally to merchants that accept Mastercard;
• You can use the physical card to withdraw cash at ATMs locally and abroad. (charges apply)

14. Do I get a new PIN for Mastercard or I use my M-PAiSA Account PIN.

You will be able to use your M-PAiSA PIN to conduct Mastercard transactions. For online transactions, some eCommerce platforms send you OTP – 6-digit One-Time-PIN on your mobile to verify and approve the payment.
Never Share Your PIN or OTP with any other person under any circumstances including over the phone even if someone calls you to be a Vodafone or Mastercard staff or an officer of law.

15. What transaction limits do I have on the card?

For overseas payment including online platforms with IP addresses outside Fiji, the current (as at August, 2022) maximum spend limit is FJD$5000/month. This limit is set by Reserve Bank of Fiji and is changed from time to time as part of its exchange control function. For the latest exchange control limit visit: Exchange Control Guidelines - Reserve Bank of Fiji (

For payments above $5,000/month, you will need to seek approval from RBF via email to:

For local payments, there is no prescribed limit.

16. What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, IMMEDIATELY use the “Stop Card” feature on your M-PAiSA App to suspend your card to prevent unauthorised use and/or IMMEDIATELY REPORT to Vodafone by calling the 24-hour help number 123 or if you overseas on +679-9990213 and visit Vodafone outlet near you to organise a replacement* card.

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