Vanua Plans

60GB for $15

60GB Vanua Data Plan

Data Allocation (GB)


Bonus Data (GB)


Total Data (GB)


Expiry: 15 Days



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125GB for $25

125GB Vanua Data Plan

Data Allocation (GB)


Bonus Data (GB)


Total Data (GB)


Expiry: 30 Days



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Vanua Plans - FAQ


1. How can I subscribe to the 125GB Vanua and 60GB Vanua Data Plans?
Dial *555# to view a list of mobile data bundles. Select Option 2 and then select the plan you wish to subscribe to. Finally, confirm your subscription and enjoy your data plan.
Alternatively, you could also subscribe to the mobile data plan from the MyVodafone App and MPAiSA App.
MyVodafone App and MPAiSA App can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS users.

 2. How much data will I get?
With the 125GB Vanua Plan, you will get a total of 125GB Data out of which 30GB is Normal Data and 95GB is Bonus Data.With the 60GB Vanua Plan, you will get a total of 60GB Data out of which 20GB is Normal Data and 40GB is Bonus Data.
 3. When will my plan expire?
The 125GB Vanua Data Plan is a monthly plan which will expire in 30 days from the time of subscription.The 60GB Vanua Data Plan will expire in 15 days from the time of subscription.
 4. Will my 60GB Vanua/125GB Vanua data plan auto-renew?
If you have subscribed to the plan from *555# or the MyVodafone app, then the plan will auto-renew.However, Mobile Data Gift Plans and MPAiSA Data Plans will not auto-renew.

5. How can I stop my plan from auto-renewing?
You may stop the auto-renewal of your plan by un-subscribing from the plan.
Dialing *555# and select the plan you wish to un-subscribe from. You may then confirm your un-subscription to successfully cancel the auto-renewal of your plan.
Alternatively, you could also un-subscribe from the MyVodafone App.

6. Can I subscribe to the plan multiple times?
Yes, you can.
7. Will my normal data rollover?
No, the data will not rollover. Data Rollover is not applicable to 60GB Vanua and 125GB Vanua plans. If you re-subscribe to either of these plans, a new separate data bundle will be added to your account.

8. How will I know if I have used up all my data?
You will receive Threshold Flash SMS notifications at data balance thresholds of 50MB, 10MB and 0MB. These notifications will advise you when you are close to reaching your allocated data quota and when you have used up your data quota.
You may monitor your data balance via the MyVodafone App.

Vanua Plans T & C

  • Available to Vodafone Prepay customers only.
  • Bonus Data on Vanua plans is a promotional offer.
  • Vodafone Vanua plans are set to auto-renew after activation.
  • Data rollover does not apply to Vodafone Vanua plans.
  • In order to use 4G+ service, it is mandatory to have a 4G+ sim card, be in a 4G+ coverage area and have a 4G+ enabled device.
  • For more information, call customer care on 123(Charged), 124(Prepay).
  • Promotion will continue until further notice and promotion end date will be communicated via sms broadcast.

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