Super Data Plan


*555# Vodafone Super Data Plan
PriceNormal Data(GB)Bonus Data (GB)Total Data (GB)Expiry
$ 8.00124167 Days
Super Data: $8 for 12GB Normal Data and 4GB Bonus Data

  • Dial *555# and follow the prompts to subscribe to a Super Data Plan.
  • An SMS notification will be sent to confirm deduction of $8 and the upload of 12288 MB Data Bundle.
  • 12288 MB of data expires within 7 days from the time of subscription.
  • This plan will not be on auto-renewal.
  • Only normal money can be used to subscribe to a Super Data Plan.
  • Data plan expiry period is not extended upon the re-subscription of another Super Data plan from time of purchase.
  • Super Data bundle can be purchased multiple times in a week and there is no limit to how many times you can purchase data using the Super Data bundle in a given week.
  • Standard rates of $2.79 per MB apply outside of Data Bundles.
  • If your data quota limit is reached, Standard rates of $2.79 per MB apply.
  • Applicable to 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G+ Mobile Internet enabled handsets.
  • Remaining data will not rollover upon auto-renewal or subscription of Super Data Plan before existing plan expiry. Remaining data will not roll over to furthest data plan expiry.
  • Bonus Data is a promotional offer and is subject to change.
  • Available to Prepaid Vodafone customers ONLY.

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