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What is share Credit?

Share credit allows you to send credit from your Vodafone mobile to another Vodafone mobile, or accept credit on your phone from another

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Fees and Charges:

There is no cost in transferring credit from one phone to another. The amount you transfer to another phone will be deducted off your current balance. You are only able to transfer normal money in full dollar denominations.

Features and Benefits:

a) Enables you to transfer or accept credit onto your mobile if you are not able to buy recharge.
b) Very easy to do, and you have two ways of doing it- through Smart Dial or Sim2.

How Does It Work?

It takes the amount of money you want sent and transfers it to the mobile number you have specified.

Setting Up Your Handset

Your handset does not require any additional set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Share Credit or Credit Transfer?
It is a new feature that Vodafone has introduced to enable you to share funds with your friends and family.

2. How do I transfer Credit?

By Smart Dial
  • Enter *136# press send
  • Enter $ amount press answer
  • Enter number you want to send it to then press answer
  • Enter PIN number - (Default is 1111)
  • Confirm transfer balance by entering answer 1
  • You will get a confirmation by text
3. Can I Transfer Credit to an INKK or Overseas number?
This Service is exclusive to Vodafone Fiji Prepay customers

4. What Is the Default pin to Transfer Credit?
The Default pin is 1111.  You will be asked to personalize the pin to your 4 digit pin code.
This code you will need to remember to use in future Credit Transfers

5. Will I be able to Transfer FREE money?
No, you can only transfer normal money.

6. What is the Minimum Amount of Credit you can Transfer?
The minimum amount is $1. You will only be able to transfer full dollar value and no cents.

Gifting Service - Terms and Conditions.

As a Vodafone subscriber, you are allowed to gift another user on the Vodafone network a number of services from your recharge balance.  These include the gifting of:
  • Recharge or air time
  • Data; and
  • credit transfers

It is extremely important for you to input the correct mobile number to which your are gifting any of the above service. As part of the gifting process, you are allowed to view the details of the mobile number and the amount of gifting you may wish to do.  

You must therefore check and confirm that the beneficiary number and amount of transaction is correct before you commit the transaction.  

Important: You may not be entitled to reversal of the transaction should you commit the transaction to a wrong number or for the wrong amount.