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Introducing the $7 Recharge

Terms & Conditions:
  • As soon as customers will recharge for $7 or more the campaign will be activated and customers will get a sms notification message stating that customer qualifies for special free rewards. 
  • Customer will be required to dial a shortcode i.e. *707# to redeem the rewards. 
  • Once the customer dials the shortcode depending on the recharge denomination recharged with; customer will have 2 options available as per above table and customer will be able to choose any "ONE" benefit out of the two options depending on their need. (Note: customer can only choose one option). 
  • Different denominations will have different value of benefits, so the higher denomination the customer recharges with, the more value the customer is going to get upon redeeming the benefits. 
  • Customers will get the option to choose the free reward on every recharge they will do during the promo period. 
  • All free rewards will expire at midnight on the same day irrespective of what time the customer recharges or redeems the benefit. 
  • Option to redeem the benefit will only be available until midnight on the day of recharge and will expire at midnight if the benefits are not redeemed. 
  • Recharge of > $25 to $100 will get the same benefit options as that of the $25 recharge. 
  • All recharges below $7 will not be eligible for the additional free rewards benefit. 
  • Free rewards will be activated on all recharges done by the customer of $7 or more. 
  • Weekly recharge Double Up and Bonanza promotions will apply as normal. The weekly recharge promotion benefit that currently applies to the Vodafone $6 recharge will also apply to Vodafone $7 recharge. 
  • Promotion Ends 31st July,2017.