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It is helpful to have a Twitter account prior to setting up access to the service via SMS. However it is possible to create an account via SMS.

Follow the steps below to create a new account. If you already have a Twitter account, please skip to Adding a handset to a Twitter account via SMS.

Creating a Twitter Account
1. Go to Twitter website -
2. Click on "Sign Up Now" button


3. Create a username and password
4. Continue to follow the registration steps until you are able to tweet!

Adding a handset to a Twitter account via SMS

1. Send START to 40404

2. You will receive the followin MT :

3. Reply with your Username (assuming you have already registered for a Twitter account on by following the instructions above. If you need a Twitter account you can reply with your preferred Username and follow the registration steps via SMS)

4. You will receive the following MT message :

5. Reply with your Password

6. If you entered your password correctly, you will receive the following MT message :

7. Reply with OK

8. You will receive the following MT :

Please note : after this point, any additional message sent to 40404 will become a Tweet that is sent to your followers. You will not receive a message confirming that yu have sent a tweet.

9. Your Mobile Settings page online will also update to indicate that your device has been verified.

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