Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prepay Blackberry?

How does Prepay Blackberry work?

What does “Premium Browsing” mean?

Examples of Premium Browsing:

Examples of Basic Browsing:

What are the charges for Prepay BlackBerry?

How is Prepay different to Postpay BlackBerry?

What phones can utilize the Prepay BlackBerry Service?

How can I activate the Prepay BlackBerry Service?

When will the activated service expire?

How can I deactivate the Prepay BlackBerry Service?

Will I be able to conduct downloads and send PXT with Prepay BlackBerry? Does it require any setup?

How do I setup emails on my Blackberry?

How many Email Accounts can I add?

Will I be able to use other Normal Prepay Services along with my subscribed Prepay Blackberry?

Will I be charged for Internet and emails without activating Prepay Blackberry Service?

If I use the sim card “with Active Prepay BlackBerry” on Nokia Handset, will I be able to utilize the subscribed service?

How do we use Instant Messaging with Prepay BlackBerry?

Where can we retrieve PIN for BlackBerry Messenger invites?

Where can we retrieve Bar Codes for BlackBerry Messenger invites?