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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the name of this new service?

Q. What’s the objective of this new service?

Q. How will members have access to this new service?

Q. Will this SUPERTxt service incur charges to members?

Q. How much do we have to pay? Will it affect my balance?

Q. How will the Fund foot the cost of this service?

Q. What are some of the benefits for the Fund for providing this service?

Q. How many members require their balance every month?

Q. How many members does the Fund expect to register for this service?

Q. What would happen if I lose my telephone?

Q. Can I register a new number, should there be a need?

Q. What if my balance for the previous month is the same as the next month?

Q. Is confidentiality guaranteed for this service?

Q. Is this service provided for overseas members?

Q. What are the major requirements for this new service?

Q. What is the accessibility rate of this service?

Q. Can members registered with the Digicel network be able to access this service?