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eTransport FAQ's

1. I registered for an eTransport Card before. Do I need to get a new card?
Yes, you will need to register for a new card. After 30th September 2017, buses will only be accepting new eTransport cards.

2. I still have balance available on my old card. What happens to my balance?
Any balance remaining on your old card will be refunded to you in cash. You will need to visit any Vodafone retail outlet with your old card and a valid ID to get your refund.

3. What do I need to do to get an eTransport Card?
You need to register to get an eTransport Card. You will need to present a valid ID to get registered. Any of the following can be used for registration: Driving License, Passport, FNPF/FRCA Joint Card, Voter Registration Card or Birth Certificate.

4. Where can I get registered?
You can register at any Vodafone or authorized agent outlet Fiji-wide or at any eTransport roadshow. Dates and location of roadshows will be advertised.

5. How much do I need to pay for the card?
The first card is provided free of charge. First replacement will be free of charge thereafter card replacements will cost $5.00.

6. If I do not regularly travel in the bus and may only need to travel as a one-off, do I still need to register.
There are two types of eTransport Cards available, a permanent card and a disposable card. Disposable cards do not require any registration and will be available in $2, $5, $10, $15, $20, $50 and $100 denominations in the buses. Disposable cards are recommended for tourists and island passengers who may not use buses on a regular basis. For other passengers, it is recommended they register and receive a permanent card. Disposable cards have 30 days expiry from the first day of use.

7. How do I pay my fare using the eTransport Card?
To pay for your bus fare, you first need to tell the bus driver where you are travelling to. Once the driver enters the number of stages you are travelling, you will be asked to tap your card against the POS in the bus. Once the fare is paid, the POS will print a ticket which will state the number of stages travelling and fare charged. If the balance remaining in the card is low, you may need to Top-Up for you to have sufficient balance for your next bus travel.

8. How do I top up my card?
To Top-Up your card, you will need to visit an eTransport Top-Up agent. Give cash over the counter and get your card topped up with equivalent value. You will receive a receipt confirming the amount of Top-Up and your new balance on the card. Minimum Top-Up is $2.

9. Can I Top-Up my card on the Bus?
No, you cannot Top-Up your card on the bus. It needs prior topping up with sufficient electronic value for you to travel on the bus.

10. Can my eTransport Card be used in other buses apart from the bus which services our area?
Yes, you can use your eTransport Card on any bus anywhere in Fiji provided the bus has an eTransport device and you have sufficient balance on the card to pay for that particular trip.

11. I am assisted by Social Welfare. Do I get an eTransport Card too?
The Ministry of Social Welfare will stop issuing travel vouchers by 30th September, 2017. You will need an eTransport Card to travel on the bus if you wish to enjoy the concession fare. All senior citizens and persons with disabilities need to check with the nearest Ministry of Social Welfare Office to get a concession or exempt eTransport card.

12. I am a student assisted by Ministry of Education. Do I get an eTransport Card too?
The Ministry of Education will stop issuing travel vouchers by 30th September, 2017. You will need an eTransport Card to travel on the bus if you wish to enjoy the concession fare. You will need to check with the Ministry of Education or your school on where and how to get your eTransport Card.

13. What happens when I lose my eTransport Card?
It is in your interest to report a lost or stolen card so that you can protect any unused balance. Thereafter, you will need to get a replacement card at any of the Vodafone Authorized outlets. Any unused balance on your old card will be transferred to your new card.

14. Can I block my lost card so that no one uses my eTransport Card?
Yes, you can block your card by visiting any Vodafone authorized outlets or Call 124 (Free Line) or 123 (Charged Line) for Vodafone customers or 444 (Free Line) for INKK customers or 9902123 (Charged Line) for other network customers to request to block the card. The Agents will be able to block the card after proper verification is done

15. What happens if I was charged the incorrect fare? What do I need to do?
You will need to contact the respective bus company for the refund. This may require you to submit evidence of overcharging which is a copy of the ticket for the trip.

16. Can I get refund for wrong fare charged?
If a passenger has genuinely been wrongly charged there is redress through a refund process which the respective bus company will follow when they are convinced that the fare was wrongly charged.

17. What happens if I am not satisfied with the refund or refund process? What do I need to do?
If you are not satisfied with the refund or refund process you can contact the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on 3392166 and/or SMS on 582 (Free Line) for further redress.

18. Is there an expiry date for the balance on the card ?
The card itself will not expire but the card will enter a 'sleep mode' if not used for more than 180 days. Once that happens, you can just visit any Vodafone retail outlet to reactivate the card. The credit details on the card will remain the same.