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What are V-Files?
V-files are TXT messages sent to you with the information you have selected to receive. It is quick, informative and instant.
Get the latest news, weather and sports results straight to your mobile. Want to find out your luck with love or your destiny for the day.
Only V-files will give you the edge with info on the run.

Fees and Charges:
You will be charged 20c to receive a V-File. There is no charge to send a request.

Features and Benefits:
a)    It takes very little time to receive the information you want.
b)    Its cheap and easy to use
c)    You can use the service anytime anywhere

How Does It Work?
You will see advertisements for V-files in the local newspaper. Simply text the code to the short code provided and you will receive your V-file within minutes.

Setting up Your Hand Set:
There is no additional setup required for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How would I get a V-file?
If you are on Prepay, simply text the code you want to 333
If you are our post pay customer, simply text the code to 6799280000.
You will receive the information you are requesting via TXT.  All codes start with the letter v.

2. How much are V files?
V files are only 20c a TXT to receive, and absolutely free to send.

3. Can I receive a V-file if I have no credit on my phone?
No, you will need to have 20c or more to receive your V-File.

4. Can I use My Free Money to get a V-File?
No, you can only use normal money to get V-Files.