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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to get started?
You can sign up by typing in your mobile number, full name and accept the terms & conditions by clicking on the check box. After registering successfully you will receive the 4-digit OTP code through sms to complete your registration process.
Enter the 4-digit OTP code and you are done with the registration process.
Enjoy the Super Combo plan for free for a limited period.

2) What happens if I forget my mobile number used for Shots?
Follow these steps if you have forgotten your mobile number.

  • Open the Shots App.
  • Click on forgot mobile number?
  • When you are able to see your mobile number then click on login button
  • You will receive the 4-digit OTP on sms
  • Enter the 4-digit OTP code and you are done

3) How do I change my mobile number?
If you wish to change your mobile number, log into the Shots app, go to the slider menu and tap on My Profile Edit on the top right. It will redirect you to the profile section. Tap on the arrow beside Change mobile number.

  • Enter new mobile number
  • You will receive the 4-digit OTP on your old mobile number via sms
  • Enter the 4-digit OTP code and you are done with change of mobile number.
  • Now you can login with your new mobile number and you will receive the 4-digit OTP on your new mobile number.

4) How do I change my device?
If you wish to change your device, place your existing sim card in your new device and download & install Shots app from V-App store or Google Play store. Open Shots and follow these steps:

  • Enter your mobile number and tap on login
  • Popup will appear "Do you want to activate new device". Select yes
  • When you tap on enter you will receive 4-digit OTP via SMS
  • Enter the 4-digit OTP and you are done.

5) On which devices can I access the Shots app?
You can access Shots on almost any Android device. However the license is linked to your device so you will be able to use the subscription only on the original device you have registered from.

6) How do I Like news on Shots?
You can like by tapping on the Heart icon below each news item on your right.

7) How do I Bookmark news?
You can Bookmark by tapping on the Bookmark icon at the bottom right, below news.

8) Where are my Bookmarks stored?
Go to slider menu, you will find Bookmarks under Features.

9) How do I Share news on Shots?
You can Share by tapping on the Share icon at the bottom left, below the news.

10) Can I access unread or old news on Shots?
Yes, you can access unread or old news from the Archives folder.
Go to slider menu, under Features you will see Archive folder. Once you click on the folder you will be asked to select the date and month to proceed. You can access news for the past three months.

11) I am getting an error message while accessing news on Shots.
Please email us the error message at (subject: Error while loading news). The issue may be due to problems at either your end or ours. Please check your network connection as well.

12) Can I access news if in case the internet connection goes down while using the app?
No. You can only access news while you are connected to the internet.

13) Can I try Shots before subscribing to it?
Yes, you can enjoy the free trial period until 31-Oct-2018 to explore Shots with the Super Bundle plan.

14) How much does it cost to use Shots?
You can subscribe to Shots for on these plans:

Combo Bundles:

1. Super Combo: $4.99/month
Includes: All Sports, News, All Entertainment, All Infotainment, Spiritual

2. Sports Combo: $3.99/month
Includes: All Sports, News, Spiritual

3. Entertainment Combo: $3.99/month
Includes: All Entertainment, News, Spiritual

4. Infotainment Combo: $3.99/month
Includes: All Infotainment, News, Spiritual

Category Bundles
1. Sports - International Football $2.99/month
2. Sports - Local Soccer $2.99/month
3. Sports - Rugby Union $2.99/month
4. Sports - Other Sports $2.99/month
5. Entertainment - English $2.99/month
6. Entertainment - Hindi $2.99/month
7. Infotainment - English $2.99/month
8. Infotainment - English $2.99/month

Each channel you subscribe will cost $1.99 per month.

15) What will happen when my free trial expires?
3 days prior to the end of the free trial, an alert dialog box will appear which will redirect you to the area of interest page.
You can then choose the categories and pay for the plan and your subscription will automatically renew every month.

16) What will happen if I do not choose any plan when my free trial expires?
If you do not choose any plan after the free trial ends, then you will not be able to access any news on the app.

17) Where do I find my Shots account details?
You can find it under My Subscriptions in the slider menu.

18) How can I edit my subscription?
- Go to slider menu and in My Subscriptions click on Edit
- You can edit your subscription by adding new channels to the existing subscription.
- When you click on the edit button, you will be displayed with a list of channels you have subscribed to.
- You can then check/uncheck to add/delete the subscribed channels. If you want to add a new channel, you should be able to do it any day irrespective of the current subscription.
- If you have subscribed to a bundle plan, adding additional channel(s) will be considered as a-la-carte plan.
- If you want to opt/delete a particular subscription, you will be able to do from the next cycle of the subscription. For eg: If you have a 30 day subscription and you want to opt out of it in between, this will not be allowed. You will not get a refund if you unsubscribe during the current cycle.
- Also if you are unsubscribing, our system will check if you have subscribed to at least one channel to proceed.

19) How can I renew my subscription?
- You can renew your subscribed channels by going to slider menu and in My Subscriptions click on Renew. But by default auto renewal is enabled so your subscription will renew automatically when it expires.

20) How can I view the latest news on Shots?
You can view the latest news by clicking on Refresh Icon on the top right section on the Home screen.

21) I am a postpaid user, can I use Shots?
Yes, you can use Shots if you are a postpaid user

For individual users:
Download and register your number on Shots. Subscription charges will be reflected in your monthly bills.

For company users:
Users need to ensure that they are authorised by the company to download and register for Shots App additional charges will be incurred on the monthly bills (Shots Subscription Charges)
For any issues or concerns please discuss with your respective account manager

22) What will happen if my mobile data is enabled without any valid mobile data plans?
Prepaid User:
Standard charge of $2.79/MB applies outside this plan.
Postpaid User:
Standard charge of $0.01/MB applies outside the bundle

23) Can I stop auto-renewals of my subscription?
You will have to manually disable the payment auto renewal under Settings in the Slider menu.

24) How can I view my transaction history for Shots?
You can view your transaction history by going to slider menu section at the bottom and clicking on Transaction History.

25) Where can I edit my settings?
You can change your settings by going to Settings from the Slider menu. In the Settings menu, you are able to manage notifications, payment auto renewal and night mode.

26) How can I edit my profile?
- Go to slider menu
- On My Profile click on edit button on your right. You can edit your name, email, gender and age group on this page.

27) I am having problems downloading the Shots app?
Please let us know which Android device you are using. Email us at

28) How do I log out of Shots?
1. Open the left navigation menu
2. Click on the logout option at the bottom

29) Can I log out of Shots if I do not have internet connection?
No, you need internet connection to log out from Shots.