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Voice Short Code Listing
Last updated - 10th October, 2016

Information is subject to change.

Short code dialing is a premium service introduced by Vodafone Fiji for the convenience of Customers. Short codes make it easy for Customers to remember or recall and dial numbers such as that of taxis, associations, government departments and ministries or companies.

Short codes are charged differently and depending on the revenue share arrangement with the business, different rates apply for calling different short codes. Most of these businesses also have a full length number that can be dialed. Full length numbers are charged standard rates and would come out of your bundle of minutes or SMS (provided they are minutes or SMS that are allowed to be consumed from your bundle). These would usually be any numbers starting with 9 or 8 digit (Vodafone & Inkk numbers). Short codes are charged differently and are not consumed from your bundle. These are billed separately and would be deducted from normal money or charged out of bundle.

For more information on rates for different short codes, please refer to the table below: 
Voice-Short-Code-List .pdf