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Register for Data Angel/MyVodafone

To access our wide range of services follow the steps below to register for Data Angel/MyVodafone.

1. Visit and click Register for MyVodafone

2. Fill in the necessary details on registration page then press continue.
* If you do not have an active vodafone number (Go to Step 5)


3. After you press “Continue”, a SMS verification code will be sent to your primary device number.
To access your verification code enter the IP address shown the back of your device into your Web Browser and when prompted to login, by default use Username : admin and Password : admin.
Typical Vodafone IPs are
  • For Flashnet -
  • Pocket WiFi -
  • Router -
  • Mobile – Will receive an sms
For non-Vodafone devices, please liase with your Business Account Managers or our Customer Care on 123.

4. Enter your verification code and click “Verify Mobile”

Congratulations, you have successfully registered!

You may now login to Data Angel and MyVodafone by clicking “My Vodafone” like in the above image and via the website home page or here: . You can also follow our guide here to access data angel:

5. * If you do not have an active number yet then do not enter anything for “Primary Mobile Number”.

Fill in all the other necessary details and click continue.


6. Click the link in your email and you are done :)