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 Terms of Use

Bula and welcome to Fiji’s first weather app – NaDraki, a simple weather app that supplies localised forecasts to its subscribers on a daily basis. From summarised weather forecasts to detailed weather warnings and upcoming special events.
This Mobile Application is owned and operated by Vititech Ltd T/A F1 Mobile Solutions in conjunction with NaDraki Weather Ltd.

There is no age limit to use this app, though we recommend that users who are under the age of 18 years old seek approval from parents or guardians for in-app purchases. NaDraki Weather App is available to all users with a Google account, Apple account, Vodafone and Inkk Mobile Fiji sim holder.
Weather forecasts that are posted to this app may differ from the official forecast set out by the Fiji Meteorological Service We will endeavour to apply updates as quickly as possible.
The Pro version of the NaDraki app is open to holders with a Google account, iTunes account, all Fiji residents with a valid registered Vodafone (Postpay & Prepay) and Inkk Mobile sim-card.
By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the customer agrees to the App’s conditions and Vititech reserves the right to modify this anytime.
Weather data is supplied by the NaDraki Weather Fiji team.
The Commercial use of any materials and/or media found on the app is strictly prohibited except via the express consent of Nadraki Weather team and or its nominated executive officer. For permission, send a message via the Text to the Weatherman feature on the App and we shall respond accordingly. Any use without permission is a breach of our copyright
The NaDraki App stores its subscribers’ phone numbers for internal use. We do not show mobile numbers on a public platform.
NaDraki provides expert weather and climate consultative services to business, industry, government and non-government organizations and the community in Fiji.
This App helps easily plan and prepare for all weather eventualities and shares warnings of severe weather conditions around Fiji Islands, as soon as we issue them.
Key features:
  • Access a five-day weather forecast, available for main locations across Fiji Islands.
  • Get a daily forecast message from our weather man for your current and saved locations.
  • Weather forecasts for upcoming major events around the country.
  • Warning for adverse weather conditions – Cyclone, Tsunami, Flooding, and more.
  • Simple and easy to use, get a snapshot of your week or quickly access extra detail when you need it.
  • Stay up-to-date with 3 hourly forecasts.
  • Chatting directly to the weatherman via SMS
  • Weather Map
  • Probability of rain
  • Actual temperature and 'feels like' temperature
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Wind speed, direction and gusts
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Main locations forecasts
  • The ability to change your unit settings for temperature
  • UV Index
  • Visibility
  • Humidity
  • Pressure

Please be advised that some, but not all, areas of the app may contain fee-based services, and are subject to additional Subscription Terms. Fee based pages include: Detailed Forecast. Map, Warnings, and Events page.
Subscription service charges are as follows:
Google Play: AU$4.99/monthly
Vodafone and Inkk Mobile Fiji: (In FJD)
Daily – $0.39
Weekly – $1.49
Monthly – $6.49
Free Version Features
Users on the NaDraki Free version will have access to the current temperature, 3 hourly forecast, 5 day forecast, and chat to the weatherman.
Pro Version Features
Users on the NaDraki Pro version will have access to the current temperature, 3 hourly forecast, 5 day forecast, detailed forecast page where Humidity, Wind Speed, Chance of Rain, Feels Like, Sunrise and Sunset times, Pressure, and a summary forecast from the weather man, Warnings page, Events page, Radar Map, and chat to the weatherman.
By default the service is set to auto renew for any opt in plans - daily, weekly, or monthly. Subscriber will need to click on the “cancel subscription” button found on the Subscription page in order to unsubscribe from plans.
Users must unsubscribe from their plans before uninstalling the NaDraki App.
Chatting to weatherman: Only users with a valid Vodafone Fiji and Inkk Mobile Fiji sim card can chat directly to the weatherman for 50cents per text.
We are looking to continuously develop and improve our weather app in line with user suggestions. Please share your feedback(s) on


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where can I download NaDraki App from?
The NaDraki App is available and can be downloaded from Google Play Store, iTunes Store and V-App store.
  1. Details how to install and use App?
  1. Search NaDraki on your respective App Store
  2. Select to Download the app
  3. Open the app, you will be welcomed with a splash screen followed by the home screen.
  4. Users will have access to a few options until user subscribes
  5. To subscribe, go to the subscription page found on the menu tab (left side of screen)
  6. Choose your plan and enter your phone number.
  7.  You will be sent a verification code via SMS which the app will automatically pick up.
  8. Once you have successfully subscribed, you will have access to the entire app features.
To see forecast details for each location, select the ‘!’ button at the top right hand corner of your screen.
  1. What is the cost to download and access the App?
NaDraki App is free to download. However there are in-app purchases available to access the Pro version (please refer to Question 5 for Pro Version features).
Available payment methods are:
Google Play Store: AUD 4.99/monthly
Apple Pay: AUD 4.99 / monthly
Vodafone Fiji and Inkk Mobile Payment:
Daily - FJ$0.39
Weekly - FJ$1.49
Monthly - FJ$6.49
Chat to the weatherman – FJ$0.50 per txt
  1. What features does the free version of the App have?
Users on the NaDraki free version will have access to the current temperature, 3 hourly forecast, 5 day forecast, and chat to the weatherman.
  1. What features does the Pro version of the App have?
Users on the NaDraki Pro version will have access to the current temperature, 3 hourly forecast, 5 day forecast, detailed forecast page where Humidity, Wind Speed, Chance of Rain, Feels Like, Sunrise and Sunset times, Pressure, and a summary forecast from the weather man, Warnings page, Events page, Radar Map, and chat to the weatherman.
  1. Can Postpay users access NaDraki App?
Yes, Vodafone Postpay users have access to the app. We advise that you seek approval from your employer’s before subscribing to any plans.
  1. Can the App be accessed without being subscribed?
Yes, though you will only have access to the free version features. Please refer to Question 4 to view free version features.
  1. Chatting directly to the weatherman, do I need a sim card?
Yes, you will need a valid Vodafone or Inkk Mobile sim card to chat directly with the weatherman and his team. This is done via SMS and charges 50cents per outgoing txt.
  1. Is chatting directly with weathermen also available on the free version of the App?
Yes, direct chatting with weatherman is also available on the free version of the App.
  1. How do I unsubscribe from my in-app plans?
Vodafone and Inkk Mobile:
  • Simple go to the Subscription Page on the menu bar
  • Go to ‘view chargers’
  • Click on ‘cancel subscription’ button. You will automatically leave the service.
For Google Play and iTunes Store: You have to unsubscribe from your account via the respective stores.
  1. What makes the NaDraki App different from other weather Apps?
We have deployed our own weather stations (made in Fiji) around selected areas in the country to ensure that the weather data is current, accurate, and localised to the users. Summarised forecasts and adverse weather warnings sent directly from the NaDraki team is another feature that makes this app stand out as subscribers receive updates early to ensure they are better prepared.
  1. Do I have to register to use this App?
To access the premium subscriptions, you will have to register your Vodafone (Postpay & Prepay), or Inkk Mobile number. Note that the number you register with will be charged according to opt-in plan.
  1. What happens when I run out of Mobile Credit?
You will no longer have access to the Pro Version of the App. Once you recharge your account, the app will automatically renew your subscriptions.
  1. Is subscriptions restricted to one device only?
Yes Subscription is restricted to one device at a time.
  1. How can customers check account details?
Simply go to the subscription page and click on “view transactions”
  1. How to stop auto renewals?
Users must unsubscribe, see question 10 for information on how to unsubscribe from App
  1. I have uninstalled NaDraki App though forgot to cancel my subscription. Will I be charged?
If you forget to unsubscribe before uninstalling, we advise that you contact Vodafone customer care or immediately.
  1. How can customers change their subscribed mobile number on the device?
Customers will have to cancel subscription on old number and resubscribe on the new number.
  1. What devices can be used for this App? Accessible to all?
Yes, the NaDraki App is accessible to all smartphone devices.
  1. Can information be saved?
Weather information on the NaDraki App content cannot be saved.
  1. Can the App be used offline anytime?
If user is offline, real time data will not be available. However the NaDraki App will load previous online data.
  1. Error possibilities customers can get while downloading or using the app?
If user is facing issues with app (data loading), (s)he will have to close the app completely then re-open the app again. Also check that you have stable internet access.
  1. What notifications will I receive?
The app will only notify you of the latest Warnings from our NaDraki team.
  1. If I have questions regarding the App, where can I seek assistance from?
You can contact the following:
  • Vodafone customer care [Prepay: 123 (charged) or 124 (Free). Postpay: 125 (Free)]
  • Inkk customer care [443 (charged) or 444 (free)]
  • Message F1 Mobile’s Facebook page:
        For any further questions/ queries, please email