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So you want Mobile Internet - It's simple, It's easy

Want to Know How Much Data of 1 MB will give you?

  • 100 Text only emails+ or
  • 20 Searches on Amazon+ or
  • 11 Google searches+ or
  • 08 Facebook pages+ or
  • 08 eBay checks on bids+ or
  • 05  MySpace pages+

1. What is Mobile Internet?
a. It is Internet access that you can now enjoy on a prepaid or postpaid mobile phone.

2. How can I access Internet on my phone?
a. You don’t need to subscribe for prepaid mobile internet, all you need is a prepaid phone with normal money credit and a phone that has a web browser.
b. You can also subscribe to a post paid plan at any Vodafone retail store.

3. What kind of phone do I need to get this service?
a. Any phone that supports Web/WAP browsing will allow you to browse the Internet.

4. Can I go to any site or service on the Internet?
a. The Internet service will not be restricted, however there will be some defined sites that will have free or discounted rates.
b. If your phone has software or is capable of downloading and installing software which is used to access Internet based services, it can also be used.

5. What services do I need on my phone to start using Mobile Internet?
a. Normal money credit for Prepaid or a Postpaid contract and a Web/WAP browser on your phone.

6. What are the charges for the service?
a. Prepay standard charge: $2.79 per MB.

b. Prepaid Monthly Plans Dial *555# and select appropriate phone type and plans as per below:

PrePaid Mobile Internet Plans- Dial *555#


* IPASS Promo price and offer may change during promotion time


  • Service is handset dependent
  • Adhoc Mobile Internet is accessible by default on all Prepay SIMS but charges apply on usage only.
  • For Daily IPASS send SMS with the word IPASS to 851. Charges may vary based on data allocations and plans.
  • Dial *555# and select appropriate phone type and plan.
  • For Data Bundle subscriptions (ie IPASS, MI weekly or monthly)  SMS notifications are sent when you reach 90% of the data quota allocated in the bundle, to advise you of your data usage and balance remaining. You will also receive a notification after you have consumed your quota.
  • Customers who conumer their data bundles will automatically revert to regular Mobile Internet rates
  • You can always check you balance Data Quota by dialing *131# 
  • Data consumption on Smartphones and iPhones are greater because of factory settings.
  • Other conditions may apply based on Class of service and packages you are subscribed to, hence for more information call Customer Care on 123(charged), 124 (free for PrePay customers) and 125 (free for Postpay customers)

c. Click here to access Price Data Plans

7. How can I recharge to get access to the Internet?
a. All you need is to get a normal recharge voucher and top up your account.
b. There are no upfront deductions you will be charged on the data transferred (upload/download).

8. Are there any hidden charges that I should know about?
a. There are no hidden charges, however if you purchase any item or content on the Internet there will be charges that apply for those items. These charges may not be charged by Vodafone Fiji.

9. How can I find out how much of my credit has been used?
a. For prepay service you will be able to check by calling 131 to check the balance
b. For postpay service you will be notified on your monthly bill
c. You will not be able to see how much data has been downloaded/uploaded on the phone

10. Coverage - Where can I use it?
a. Wherever Vodafone has coverage / reception you will have access to the Internet. This could be based on either GPRS or New G coverage areas.
b. Customers will have higher access speeds by using a 3G phone and getting connected to a 3G coverage base station.

11. Can I use my phone as a modem to access internet on my laptop/PC?
a. You may be able to use some phones, however this feature has been disabled on most phones.

12. Do I get charged for accessing or browsing v-live?
a. No. Browsing v-live will be free, however any content you download or Internet links you browse from vlive will be charged as per the above charges.

 13. What are the settings I need on my phone?
a. If you have purchased the phone from any Vodafone Retail Shop the settings will already be configured.
b. If you have purchased the phone from any other vendor you will require the following details: Prepay Customers (these are existing WAP Settings)

APN or Access Point
IP or Proxy Address (leave blank)
Port or Proxy Port (leave blank)
Username (leave blank)
Password (leave blank)
Security No or Not Secure or Normal

APN or Access Point
IP or Proxy Address No or
Port or Proxy Port No or 0 
Username (leave blank)
Password (leave blank)
Security No or Not Secure or Normal

c. If you are not sure where the settings need to be configured please call our 24hr Customer Service number 124 for prepay and 125 for postpay customers.

14. Can I get an e-mail account with this connection?
a. We do not provide e-mail accounts.
b. The service does allow you to get access to any existing e-mail (POP/IMAP) that you may have, provided your phone can support it.

15. Can I access any Instant Messaging or Social Networking sites and applications
a. If your phone has a WAP/WEB Browser, accessing social networking sites will be possible.
b. If you are able to install software on your phone, chances are you will be able to download and install Instant Messaging software, to enable you to use this service.
c. If you are unable find these sites you can log on to http://vlive and we will have some links to these sites.

so now that you know, go on and...JUST LOG ON!!!

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