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Vodafone Free prepaid SIM 

If you are frequent Traveller to Fiji or just a tourist and need to be in touch with your Family, Friends or business associates back home, then the Vodafone Free SIM is what you need. After you clear customs & emigration, just look for the Vodafone Shop on you left at the arrival hall (map of shop given below). 
The offer is as seen below 

Free Prepaid SIM  

Charge                    :  Free of Charge 
Services                 :  Voice local and international, SMS, MMS and Mobile Data all pre activated 
Calling Charges    View call charges 
Airtime                   :  Ask for the FJD 25.00  Recharge and you are good to go! 
Promotions           :  At any give time, Vodafone Fiji has promotions running, you can participate in any of those promotion 

Note : SIM and customer registration is mandatory in Fiji as part of government regulations, our friendly retail staff at the store will help you through this process.  

Phones / FlashnetAvailable Starter Pack Data Starter Pack
Mobile phones from as low as FJ$89 Brands ranging from IPhone, Samsung, Alcatel, Nokia, ZTE and LG etc
3G Flashnets & 4G Flashnets available for outright purchase. Customer needs to top up their data.

$35 STARTER PACK comes with:
  • Free Sim
  • $25 Recharge Card (Normal Recharge Card)
  • 35 mins of free call -VF to VF Network
  • 35 free sms VF to VF Network
  • 35MB of Free Data
  • 15 days of expiry from date of activation on all freebees
$70 STARTER PACK comes with:
  • Free Sim
  • $50 Recharge Card (Normal Recharge Card)
  • 60 mins of free call -VF to VF Network
  • 60 free sms VF to VF Network
  • 60MB of Free Data
  • 15 days of expiry from date of activation on all freebees

$100 STARTER PACK comes with:
  • Free Sim
  • $75 Recharge Card (Normal Recharge Card)
  • 90 mins of free call -VF to VF Network
  • 90 free sms VF to VF Network
  • 90MB of Free Data
  • 15 days of expiry from date of activation on all freebees
$65 STARTER PACK comes with:
  • Free Sim
  • 8GB data expires in 15 days

For more information on our packages contact us on:


A home away from home with Vodafone

Any GSM dual band or tri-band mobile phone will work with Vodafone Fiji.
As long as your mobile operates on a 900Mhz frequency you will quickly connect up to Vodafone.
Vodafone Fiji is proud of our excellent customer service in assisting visitors to Fiji with everything they need.
At anytime you need to find a place or something to do we are here to help.
contact us online or when in Fiji you can call us on 123 or (679) 9902123


Getting setup
To ensure you can use your mobile phone when you arrive it is important to check a few things before you jump on the plane.
Here are some "steps" that will help you.
First make sure your phone operates on 900Mhz.
Contact your network provider to setup the roaming service.
Make sure there is no international call bar on your phone before departure.

If you forgot to setup roaming on your phone before you arrived in Fiji you can rent a phone or purchase a Vodafone Prepay sim card.


Prepay Roaming

Vodafone Fiji is thrilled to offer roaming to prepay customers from accross the world.
If you use prepay with the following networks your life just became easier.

    * Vodafone Australia
    * OPTUS Australia
    * Vodafone UK
    * Vodafone NZ

Please check that roaming is activated on your phone before leaving.

GPRS Roaming

Need email and internet while roaming?

If you need email, internet and all the other services that keep you in touch with the office or home then Vodafone brings it to you.

GPRS roaming here in Fiji is an excellent experience providing you speeds of up to 54 kbps.

Please ensure you have activated GPRS roaming with your network before you visit Fiji

The following networks can use GPRS roaming in Fiji

    * USA - Cingular

Using your phone in Fiji
When roaming with Vodafone Fiji it is very similar to using your phone back at home.
Here are some tips that will make your life easy.

When you get off the plane and turn on your phone check that Vodafone is displayed on the screen of your phone.

If Vodafone is not displaying on your screen then you may need to select Vodafone manually.
In your menu options select 'Settings' then 'Network Selection' and then select manual search. You will then connect through to Vodafone.

Making calls

It is recommended for all calls and TXT messages to use international dialling format, this will ensure you always get through.

First type the ' ' symbol then the country code for the country you wish to call then the number.
For example

Sydney 61 2 9345678
Austalian Mobile 61 4 5678900
Auckland 64 9 3564890
NZ Mobile 64 21 456789
Fiji 649 9902123
Fiji Mobile 679 9012345

As you will see the '0' is removed from the area code or the beginning of the mobile number.
This is standard international dialing for mobile networks throughout the world and is always recognised when roaming.
If you have any difficulties in getting your call through just call Vodafone Customer Care and they will get you back up and running.