Vodafone Treat FAQs

To get the benefits of the Vodafone Treats what do I need to do?

How is Vodafone Treats different from the current recharge promotions?

What happens when I recharge from MPAiSA between Sunday to Wednesday?

Do I have to subscribe everytime when I want to enjoy the benefits of Vodafone Treats?

Will I get the Vodafone Treats only once in a day or on all recharges that I do in a day?

What I also get Vodafone Treats if I recharge between Thursday to Saturday?

Once I subscribe to Vodafone Treats what rates will apply?

Will the new rates apply to only Vodafone Treats benefits?

If I recharge through MPAiSA, can I get the benefits of Vodafone Treats?

What happens to my Vodastar rewards once I subscribe to Vodafone Treats?

Will I be able to subscribe to the current Voice, SMS, Mobile internet, etc promotions?

What is the expiry of the Vodafone Treats benefits?