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Enjoy blazing speeds of up to 10Mbps with VodaHome Prepay Smart Scholar Plan.
Free Modem
Free Installation as an introductory offer (Introductory offer ends 29th February 2016)
No Deposit
No Disconnection Fee
Sign up today with your TIN Number and Valid Student ID or A consent letter from school stating that applicant is a student of respective educational institute.
It’s that simple!
 Turn your home into a WiFi hotspot with a free WiFi Router.

Cheap reload rates to keep you going if you need more data and after you have reached your monthly recharge value

$25.00 –  Minimum requirement for first recharge per month to receive the reload benefit
 Reload recharge rate: $1/1024MB

Customers can recharge any denomination from $6 and above to receive the allocated data shown in the table below

Customers can only use reload recharge after the monthly recharge value has been achieved. For example, in a given month, if the customer has recharged $15, and then $11, customer will be able to get reload rate on recharge from the 3rd recharge. However if the customer has recharged $50 or $65 or $100, customer will get reload recharge rate from the second recharge. Reload Data value expires at the end of month.