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Mobile Internet Adhoc Rate : $2.79/MB
Plus Plans Promotion ends on 2nd July, 2019. 
Gifting Service - Terms and Conditions.

As a Vodafone subscriber, you are allowed to gift another user on the Vodafone network a number of services from your recharge balance.  These include the gifting of:
  • Recharge or air time
  • Data; and
  • credit transfers

It is extremely important for you to input the correct mobile number to which your are gifting any of the above service. As part of the gifting process, you are allowed to view the details of the mobile number and the amount of gifting you may wish to do.  

You must therefore check and confirm that the beneficiary number and amount of transaction is correct before you commit the transaction.  

Important: You may not be entitled to reversal of the transaction should you commit the transaction to a wrong number or for the wrong amount.